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North American Roofing Recognized in the 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors List

Thank You, North American Roofing Family! Top 100 Roofing Contractors 2017

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in & day out. ~Robert Collier”

Everyone at North American Roofing is proud and honored to be recognized in Roofing Contractor magazine’s 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors List. To achieve a place in the Top 10 Roofing Contractors is a testament to the hard-work, dedication, and solutions-focused individuals of the North American Roofing family.

Our success as America’s only, centrally-managed and employee-owned commercial roofing contractor is possible because of the efforts of everyone in our village from support staff and office personnel…

  • To the Account Managers, Technical Services team, and Estimators who take a forensic approach and engineering mindset to every scope, Thank you!
  • To the Procurement and Production Departments who masterfully organize and coordinate deployment of both materials and crews to buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities across our great nation, Thank you!
  • To the Roofing Technicians, Field Coordinators, Safety Inspectors and Project Managers who dutifully and with a laser-focus, install the roofing system designed by our expert teams, Thank you!
  • To the Business Development team who introduces our solutions and capabilities to new companies who need a trusted roofing partner the most, Thank you!
  • To the Service Department and Service Techs who helps our customers overcome challenges and issues that naturally occur during a commercial roof’s life, Thank you!
  • To the HR Department who keep bringing us amazing people to work with while simultaneously bringing us great perks and company benefits, Thank you!
  • To the IT Department who create and maintain the network and mobile platforms that keeps us communicating no matter where we are, Thank you!
  • To the Accounting Department who develops and fine tunes our efficiencies to keeps us financially sound and A+ credit worthy, Thank you!
  • To the Training Department who trains every new member of our village, while also keeping the rest of us at the top of our game, Thank you!

Finally, to the Executive Leadership team…your vision, guidance, enthusiasm, and, courage to make the tough decisions…they are the guiding lights that inspires us all to new heights. Your steady leadership will be the fuel that fosters our growth now and into the future. Thank you!

Together, let’s make the next chapter in our story even more meaningful than the last!

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Executive Insight – How Our S.T.A.R. Values Will Shape the Future of North American Roofing

It has been a few weeks since we held our fiscal launch event at HQ3 in our new Tampa digs and I have had some time to reflect on that event.

Seeing all the new faces as well as the many who have been with us for so many years, felt both nostalgic as well exciting. The days we spent together were brimming with new ideas, perspective and enthusiasm for our future!

My grandfather, Carl Verble founded this company with great success because he brought together great people, treated them well and instilled in them a sense of pride. My father Mike and his brother Pat were pioneers in this industry who carried on my grandfather’s legacy. My dad continued to build and do things “unconventionally” as an installer and private label manufacturer for many years. Through that unconventional approach, our unique selling position was established in the market to great success.

Today, we continue our unique national position in the industry that is both innovative and progressive, yet conservative in design to deliver consistency and excellence in performance nationwide. By partnering with all major roofing manufacturers as one of the largest commercial roofing companies in the U.S., we are able to come through for every single one of our valued customers as well as the new customers we have yet to meet.

As we continue to grow and expand, we do so in the same spirit and mission set forth by Carl Verble, arm in arm with great people. We are a diverse bunch at North American Roofing, and always try to hire people with great character from outside of our industry. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths. I love how our varied backgrounds give us fresh perspectives in an industry that sometimes gets “set in its ways.”

Anyone, with proper training and enough experience can install or repair a roof to spec, but how many can say they found a way to deliver an amazing experience to their customer in a way that makes them a partner? A partner whom the customer seeks out for their expertise no matter where their property is located or how difficult the job?

From start to finish, it is the seamless, transparent communication that says “We care.” Each and every time. Every team member knows their role, and how what their actions affects someone else on their team or even in a different department. It is this workflow and respect for others within the process that solidifies the bonds we share among each other as well as our valued customers.

Service. Teamwork. Accountability. Respect. Our S.T.A.R. values. Our team members are not simply “employees.” They are our owners. All of us, together, continue to be pioneers in this industry…. The Most Trusted. The Most Respected.

Thank you to all my predecessors that have taught me so much, and to the hardworking employee/owners that continue to teach me today.

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We’ve Moved!

As we continue to grow and work throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we have moved our headquarters to support that growth. From our new headquarters, our 100 plus person staff centrally manages all nationwide roof installations and service jobs. Our staff continues to support our field teams, project management and sales managers who are strategically located in every major market in the U.S. Our new headquarters in Tampa, Florida allows us to attract top talent to our management, estimating, logistics, customer service, business development, procurement, marketing, human resources and accounting teams.

Our new headquarters address is now:
North American Roofing Services, Inc.
Hidden River Corporate Center Two
14025 Riveredge Drive, Suite 600
Tampa, FL 33637

We look forward to hosting all of our customers and partners at our new home.

Here’s a sneak peek of our new corporate offices:


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Winter Storm Stella is Here! Do you have your Roof Snow Removal Plan Ready?

Commercial Rooftop Snow Removal Contractor - North American Roofing

Do you need a snow removal plan for your building’s roof after Winter Storm Stella?

No other national commercial roofing contractor is more prepared or fully staffed for this snow event than North American Roofing. Our rapid-response snow removal crews are strategically positioned across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and are on-call to assist you. Every crew is outfitted with the gear and equipment required to safely and efficiently remove heavy snow after this storm.

To learn how neglected snow load can affect your commercial building’s roof: click here.

Call North American Roofing today to lock in Rapid-Response Snow Removal coverage at a great rate:

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Visit North American Roofing at the RFMA 2017 Annual Conference

RFMA 2017 - North American Roofing
Are you going to the RFMA 2017 Annual Conference in Orlando? Visit North American Roofing (Booth #510) to enter for a chance to win either an Amazon Echo or a new drone! Need another reason to stop by? Discover why having North American Roofing as your go-to restaurant roofing partner increases efficiencies (energy, etc.) while simultaneously reducing interior issues commonly caused by environmental factors, neglect, or age.

Partnering with one of the nation’s largest commercial roofing contractor means having:

  • 24/7/365 Service options
  • Proactive maintenance programs
  • The nation’s most innovative custom restaurant roofing solutions (including Duro-Last!).

We look forward to meeting you and we’ll see you at the show!

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The Difference is Quality

Quality Roofing Service Nationwide - Before & After

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Happy Holidays from North American Roofing


From everyone in the North American Roofing family, we wish you and yours a truly wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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Get Commercial Roofing Repair & Snow Removal Service – Emergency Holiday Service is Available

The weather never takes a holiday and neither do we.

Roof leaks and damage caused by excessive snow loads can happen any time. As your preferred local commercial roofing contractor, you can rely on North American Roofing’s Rapid Response teams located in cities across America. In fact, not only are roofing repair crews filled with skilled and experienced technicians, but many are right next door to you and can be at your roof in 3 hours or less, even during the holidays (weather permitting)!

For emergency commercial roofing repair service in your area, contact North American Roofing today and discover why many of the nation’s leading retail companies choose us to fix and repair their roofs.

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From Our Family to Yours, Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from North American Roofing

Every year, people across the country travel and gather to not just eat a meal, but to participate in one of our nation’s most cherished traditions. Thanksgiving isn’t about turkey, football, or preparing for Black Friday. Thanksgiving is the one holiday we celebrate that focuses on what happens when unique individuals come together to form a cohesive whole, a family.

That spirit of family and every one of the people who make this company great is what we are most grateful for. We certainly hope that, for at least one moment during the day tomorrow, you can cherish the stories and the journey that everyone around you took to be with you. On any other day, those moments can be very fleeting, but on Thanksgiving, they are a treasure, just like you.

From all of us here at North American Roofing, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Why FEMA Advises Snow Removal Plans for Commercial Buildings

Winter Isn’t Coming. It’s Already Here

For many people in the U.S. winter is already here. Snow is currently falling across the Midwest and is also forecast for the Northeastern US in the coming days. Despite the forecast, proactive facility managers and building owners who already have their snow removal contingency plans in place are breathing a sigh of relief. These key decision makers recognize the critical importance of ensuring their commercial properties remain safe places to do work, shop, or store goods. They also know failing to remove snow from the roof can lead to disastrous results. Just how disastrous?

A $3.5 Billion Disaster

As the structural integrity of roofs on facilities, buildings and warehouses deteriorate, the chances of collapse due to snow load inevitably grow. When a building’s roof finally does succumb to the pressure of the snow and ice above, the effect on people and the local economy is immediate and widespread. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in just the year 2015, snow events, blizzards, and winter storms were responsible for an estimated $3.5 billion in insured losses (residential and commercial) with many of those claims linked to damage caused by collapsed roofs.

Roof Collapse on a Commercial Building is Preventable

According to FEMA’s Snow Load Safety Guide,

“Buildings may be vulnerable to structural failure and possible collapse if basic preventative steps are not taken in advance of a snow event.”

FEMA also advises building owners and managers plan ahead and have their preferred snow removal contractor in place well in advance of a snow event.

Having an in-house plan for snow removal in place or a contractor on retainer is imperative.  Contractors will be in high demand and difficult to find once a snow storm begins.

Still Not Convinced Your Building Needs a Snow Removal Plan?

Here’s a news report showing what happened to a commercial building in Connecticut. Listen closely as you hear a business owner describe the reality of their situation:

Enroll in the North American Roofing Rapid Response Snow Removal Program

Proactive owners and managers who sign up today receive:

  • Dedicated Snow Removal Teams just a phone call away*
  • Top priority response before anyone else
  • Teams equipped with all the necessary equipment to get the job done as fast and as safe as possible
  • Custom snow removal plans developed for your unique facility and snow event
  • Holiday Service is Available! Get emergency snow removal from your roof even during the holiday!

*For faster service, please call us 48 hours before the snow event.

Signing up with one of the nation’s leading roofing contractors to expertly and safely remove snow from your commercial building is easy. To enroll, call North American Roofing today:

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Three Drainage Solutions for Flat Roofs

The Proper Flat Roof Drainage System Can Help Preserve Your Roof’s Integrity

Flat roofs have a long history in the United States, especially for commercial construction. However, flat roofs depend greatly on proper drainage of rain and snow melt to preserve their integrity.  Without it, pooling water can occur and cause leaks, deterioration in the roof membrane and ice formation during winter. These are the three types of drainage systems that work best for flat roofs.

Interior Drains

This drainage system is composed of drains placed at intervals near the center of the roof and an internal network of gutters and pipes that move the water to the exterior of the building. The drains are often topped by a strainer that prevents leaves and debris from getting into the pipes. These are often a good solution for large roofs on which water tends to collect in the center. They are aesthetically pleasing because all of the components are located inside the roof and invisible to someone looking at it from the outside. However, these tend to be more costly to install than exterior drainage systems and represent a significant investment.


Scuppers are outlets placed on the edges of the roof that project water that drains off the roof away from the building. They keep the walls of the building dry and prevent the foundation from being destabilized by too much exposure to water. Scuppers are more cost effective than inner drains, but they work best when all of the water is directed to them using a tapered insulation system or a sloped structure. They are a good solution for areas that frequently get heavy rains, but are not ideal for dealing with snow melt.


Gutters are open pipes that are attached to the edges of the roof. They collect water as it drains off the roof and carry it away from the building. They are generally the most cost effective drainage solution since they can be attached to a finished roof without any modification to the roof itself. They are also good at dealing with variable levels of rain and snow. As with drains and scuppers, gutters do regularly need to be cleared of debris and cleaned in order to continue functioning properly.

Deciding what type of drainage is best for your facility should be determined by your engineer or building design team. In addition, you should always make sure that the roofing contractor you hire is experienced in installing all three of these drainage systems.  While a proper drainage system design is essential for the overall reliability of the roof, a quality installation ensuring the design is implemented properly is key.

If you are ready to install your roof and drainage system, please call North American Roofing at 866-295-5401 today to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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Keeping Your Data Center Cool with the Right Roof

The Right Roofing System for Your Data Center Could Save You on Energy Costs

One of the primary logistical problems associated with large data centers is the heat generated by servers and other machinery. The same machines that generate heat need to be kept cool in order to function properly, which leads to a potentially energy-inefficient cycle. The more machines your data center operates the hotter it gets, and, consequentially, the more power you need to expend cooling the space. While the vast majority of data centers will need some kind of artificial cooling system, such as air conditioning, there are also a few steps you can take to assist your cooling efforts naturally. One of the most effective of these is a cool roof.

Why the Roof Matters

The roof of your data center is the only thing standing between the equipment within and the rays of the sun. When the sun beats down on the roof all day, it has the potential to significantly raise the temperature of the building inside. This is especially true in a warm, sunny climate like California or Texas where many data centers in the US are located. In addition, certain roofing materials absorb heat and trap it inside, keeping the interior of the building warm even after the sun has gone down.

How Your Roof Affects Temperature

The actual effect the roof has on the temperature inside the building depends on a number of factors. Certain materials are more conductive, which means they trap heat more readily. Colors can also affect the temperature of the roof, with dark colored roofs, including those covered in tar paper, conducting more heat. Finally, the amount of sun the roof gets during the day can also affect the temperature, with a certain degree of shade in the morning or evening offering protection from the heat.

Creating a Cool Roof

A white or light color roof reflects sunlight rather than trapping it, so having a professional roofing team change the color of your roof can actually keep your data center cooler and save your money on energy costs. Those looking for more advanced roofing solutions may also want to consider roof gardens that absorb some of the heat from the sun, or sun shades that stretch across the roof to protect it.

Learn more about how efficient roofing can lower the costs of operating your data center. Give North American Roofing a call at 866-295-5401 today to schedule a consultation.

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