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Commercial Roof Maintenance – Keeping Gutters and Drains Clean in the Fall


In the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of inspecting your facility roof, performing periodic maintenance and making vital repairs before cold weather sets in. Today, we’re going to focus on just how damaging natural debris can be. All those beautiful autumn leaves can wreak havoc on a facility roof.

Debris Buildup and Unintended Consequences

All it takes is a little moisture and those feather-light leaves biodegrade into a soggy, heavy mass that clogs drains, blocks scuppers and invites mold, fungi and mildew. If not promptly removed, leaves and debris can lead to backed-up water, which increases the live load on the roof deck. Standing water, just 1-inch deep, adds five pounds per-square-foot of live load on the roof assembly. Over time, standing water can leach the pliable properties out of some single-ply membranes, reducing flexibility and the life of the roof.

In the winter, ponding becomes critical when pooling water freezes and expands, forcing its way into tiny cracks or under flashings. Additional ice weight can cause structural damage and expensive repairs, or – in extreme cases – even roof collapse.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Service - debris clogging drain

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Risk

Maintenance crews should be trained to look for leaves and other debris around drains and scuppers. During the fall, frequent checks and prompt debris-removal are necessary to prevent buildup and blockage. Areas of standing water could indicate blocked drains. Partially blocked drains allow water flow, albeit sluggishly, so even if you don’t see standing water that doesn’t mean you don’t have a drainage problem. Staining of the roof’s surface could indicate previous ponding, which is also a red flag. Not every problem caused by leaves and other debris is apparent to the untrained eye so it’s vital to have a qualified roofing professional take a look.

Drains and gutters should be cleared now — before frigid temperatures can turn soggy leaf debris into frozen blockages.

Professional Inspection

In addition to disposing of leaves and debris, a qualified roofing specialist will water-test both internal and external drains and inspect gutters and downspouts. While he’s at it – he’ll check the little things that can escape the notice of a maintenance crew, such as examining strainers to ensure that they are in place and that the bolts holding them are secure. It takes a trained eye to recognize early problems with sealants, flashings, mortar, seams and penetrations. Gutters and downspouts should be checked for sagging, loose connections and broken or missing fasteners.

Routine inspections and preventative maintenance programs are the key to long roof life.

At North American Roofing, our customers get the most for their roofing dollar. For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facility’s roof is in the best possible shape going into winter –  give our Service Department a call today to learn more about RoofGuard, our Preventative Maintenance program at (866) 567-2064 or Request Commercial Roofing Service online.

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NARSI’s Kids Art Contest!

LAST DAY TO ENTER: Friday, October 6th

There’s still time to enter your child’s artwork! Here’s all the information you need to know to enter:

Contest Details:

Your child can creatively use the star from our logo however they want to send a message to the world. The message is completely up to them! Please know that there’s a chance your child’s wonderful submissions will be shared on our social media channels.

Contest Rules:

  • Ages 5 – 12
  • One entry per child (families with more than one child can submit one entry per child per household)
  • 8×10 standard beige construction paper (not provided)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, paint, markers, or collage materials (not provided)
  • Each submission needs a title at the top.
  • Write your child’s full name and age on the bottom front of the drawing
  • Contest ends on October, 6th 2017 (winners will be announced by October 20, 2017)
  • Submit entries through the mail to our Tampa HQ:
    • North American Roofing
      ATTN: Jonathan Santiago
      14025 Riveredge Drive, Suite 600
      Tampa, FL 33637

Contest Prizes:

  • 1st Prize: iPad
  • 2nd Prize: Beats headphones
  • 3rd Prize: Bluetooth wireless speaker

The NARSI Star (right click to download)

THANKS & GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! We can’t wait to see what your little ones come up with!

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Hurricane Irma – National Service Status Update

Our teams continue to monitor Hurricane Irma and have mobilized our crews to the safest areas possible.

Before, during, and after the storm, our national Service team will routinely communicate with our clients throughout the United States including Florida, Texas, Georgia, Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands. We also have Emergency Response teams ready and able to assist our clients after the storm passes and roads are deemed safe to travel.



Prepare, stay safe, and heed advisories and evacuation orders from local and federal authorities. The safety & health of all is our top priority.

Finally, to our Florida staff, their families, and our friends and neighbors throughout the area, our hearts are with you. Stay safe. We’ll see you soon!

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Jobsite Safety is Priority #1

The safety of our our client’s employees and every member of our crews is always our top priority. Period.

One example of our commitment to jobsite and client safety occurred before Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Our crew was working on a 165,000 square foot roof for a food processing facility in Florida, when the threat from Hurricane Matthew became all too real. Our crew not only worked efficiently to safely secure materials, they also helped secure anything else that could pose a danger to our client’s employees; all in record time.

After the storm passed, our client reached out to us and was happy to report that our crew’s hard work paid off! Even more remarkable was the fact that everything they secured remained intact and ready to install. The 60-mil TPO roof also earned top inspection marks from the supplier.

Be rest assured that our focus on personnel and jobsite is even greater this active hurricane season.

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Top 5 Disaster Relief Tips: How-to Avoid Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of After the Storm

In the coming days, you are sure to come across unfortunate stories of those in need who were taken advantage of by people who presented themselves as expert contractors. While, our chosen trade is commercial roofing, the following five questions can be applied to any trade or contractor that provides disaster relief services.

1) Are they licensed and insured?

Ensure their credentials are current and in good standing. Get a copy of their Certificate of Insurance. Review the insurance to make sure it provides adequate coverage should a claim arise.

2) What’s their safety record?

The cardinal rule for any seasoned commercial roofing company is “Safety First.” These firms also provide routine OSHA safety training for their crews. It’s also a good idea to check and make sure the contractor’s EMR (Experience Modification Rates) matches any verbal assurance. A solid EMR history under the industry average rating of 1 is a good indication that the contractor prioritizes and creates a safe working environment.

3) Can they provide a true commercial roofing quote?

• No roofing contractor can give you a reliable scope of work without a complete understanding and technical analysis of your building’s roof. Prior to getting any quote, a genuine pro will survey your roof using state of the art tools (i.e., infrared moisture scans). Only then can they provide a roofing system that solves your immediate and long-term needs.

4) Do they communicate often and hold themselves accountable through on-site supervision?

Lack of communication and accountability are the most common complaints contractors receive. A negligent contractor might show up twice. Once, on the first day and then to deliver the bill when the “job’s done.” A reliable contractor will communicate often, be upfront with unforeseen issues, and have solutions at the ready should issues arise. They can do this because their jobsites are overseen by on-site supervisors who ensure the process goes smoothly and to the customer’s benefit.

5) Do they have the resources right now?

• Even if the contractor you’re considering adequately answers the first 4 questions, they still might not be up to the task. The last thing you need is to discover the contractor you hired is ill-equipped to finish your project in a timely manner because they lack having enough materials or labor available.


On any given day, we usually have the luxury of time to investigate and discover whether or not a contractor’s goals and values align with our own. However, in the days after a natural disaster, many building owners and facility managers find themselves forced to make quick and concise decisions. It’s in those times of crisis, where these questions and insights can provide clarity and peace of mind.

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Hurricane Harvey: Last Minute Tips for Businesses & Facilities

Hurricane Harvey is now a Category 4 storm and set to cause a lot of devastation throughout Texas and Louisiana. Building owners, building managers, and facility maintenance professionals across the region are shoring up their plans and ensuring things go as smoothly as possible. Even the most prepared among us can still sometimes forget a key piece of information or procedure. As a helpful reminder, here are some basic things commercial building owners and managers can do to make life after the storm easier:

To all of our friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens who are in the path of this storm, please know that the thoughts and prayers of everyone in the North American Roofing family are with you and your loved ones. We wish nothing but health and safety for you all.

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Executive Insight – New Director of Service

Director of Service joins North American Roofing’s Management Team

We are pleased to announce our new Director of Service, Jill Tackett. Jill’s breadth of knowledge, experience, and capabilities align perfectly with our company’s goals and we are excited about the contributions she will bring to North American Roofing.

As Director of Service, Jill will oversee our team of dedicated service professionals as well as implement a variety of strategic corporate objectives. While she builds on the positive momentum our Service department has established over the course of the past few years, Jill will work with various department to improve efficiencies, streamline current systems, and strengthen our already solid IT solutions.

As a strong company with close to 40 years of nationwide commercial roofing experience, we remain focused and continue to both nurture existing customer relationships and foster new accounts across the country. Jill’s sales acumen and account development experience align with that focus and should result in new opportunities to bring our technical roofing and service solutions to new customers across the country.

The best part about Jill joining our team is that, now more than ever, our Service department is filled with experienced and qualified roofing professionals. Our HR department has done a tremendous job filling roles with experienced people who have great character to match. This new melting pot of perspectives is producing new ideas, team-based solutions and efficiency.

Now with a leader like Jill we are set up for amazing things.

Please join me in welcoming Jill Tackett and providing the support she needs to be successful at North American.

-Kelly Wade, CEO


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North American Roofing Recognized in the 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors List

Thank You, North American Roofing Family! Top 100 Roofing Contractors 2017

“Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in & day out. ~Robert Collier”

Everyone at North American Roofing is proud and honored to be recognized in Roofing Contractor magazine’s 2017 Top 100 Roofing Contractors List. To achieve a place in the Top 10 Roofing Contractors is a testament to the hard-work, dedication, and solutions-focused individuals of the North American Roofing family.

Our success as America’s only, centrally-managed and employee-owned commercial roofing contractor is possible because of the efforts of everyone in our village from support staff and office personnel…

  • To the Account Managers, Technical Services team, and Estimators who take a forensic approach and engineering mindset to every scope, Thank you!
  • To the Procurement and Production Departments who masterfully organize and coordinate deployment of both materials and crews to buildings, warehouses, and industrial facilities across our great nation, Thank you!
  • To the Roofing Technicians, Field Coordinators, Safety Inspectors and Project Managers who dutifully and with a laser-focus, install the roofing system designed by our expert teams, Thank you!
  • To the Business Development team who introduces our solutions and capabilities to new companies who need a trusted roofing partner the most, Thank you!
  • To the Service Department and Service Techs who helps our customers overcome challenges and issues that naturally occur during a commercial roof’s life, Thank you!
  • To the HR Department who keep bringing us amazing people to work with while simultaneously bringing us great perks and company benefits, Thank you!
  • To the IT Department who create and maintain the network and mobile platforms that keeps us communicating no matter where we are, Thank you!
  • To the Accounting Department who develops and fine tunes our efficiencies to keeps us financially sound and A+ credit worthy, Thank you!
  • To the Training Department who trains every new member of our village, while also keeping the rest of us at the top of our game, Thank you!

Finally, to the Executive Leadership team…your vision, guidance, enthusiasm, and, courage to make the tough decisions…they are the guiding lights that inspires us all to new heights. Your steady leadership will be the fuel that fosters our growth now and into the future. Thank you!

Together, let’s make the next chapter in our story even more meaningful than the last!

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Executive Insight – How Our S.T.A.R. Values Will Shape the Future of North American Roofing

It has been a few weeks since we held our fiscal launch event at HQ3 in our new Tampa digs and I have had some time to reflect on that event.

Seeing all the new faces as well as the many who have been with us for so many years, felt both nostalgic as well exciting. The days we spent together were brimming with new ideas, perspective and enthusiasm for our future!

My grandfather, Carl Verble founded this company with great success because he brought together great people, treated them well and instilled in them a sense of pride. My father Mike and his brother Pat were pioneers in this industry who carried on my grandfather’s legacy. My dad continued to build and do things “unconventionally” as an installer and private label manufacturer for many years. Through that unconventional approach, our unique selling position was established in the market to great success.

Today, we continue our unique national position in the industry that is both innovative and progressive, yet conservative in design to deliver consistency and excellence in performance nationwide. By partnering with all major roofing manufacturers as one of the largest commercial roofing companies in the U.S., we are able to come through for every single one of our valued customers as well as the new customers we have yet to meet.

As we continue to grow and expand, we do so in the same spirit and mission set forth by Carl Verble, arm in arm with great people. We are a diverse bunch at North American Roofing, and always try to hire people with great character from outside of our industry. This diversity is one of our greatest strengths. I love how our varied backgrounds give us fresh perspectives in an industry that sometimes gets “set in its ways.”

Anyone, with proper training and enough experience can install or repair a roof to spec, but how many can say they found a way to deliver an amazing experience to their customer in a way that makes them a partner? A partner whom the customer seeks out for their expertise no matter where their property is located or how difficult the job?

From start to finish, it is the seamless, transparent communication that says “We care.” Each and every time. Every team member knows their role, and how what their actions affects someone else on their team or even in a different department. It is this workflow and respect for others within the process that solidifies the bonds we share among each other as well as our valued customers.

Service. Teamwork. Accountability. Respect. Our S.T.A.R. values. Our team members are not simply “employees.” They are our owners. All of us, together, continue to be pioneers in this industry…. The Most Trusted. The Most Respected.

Thank you to all my predecessors that have taught me so much, and to the hardworking employee/owners that continue to teach me today.

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We’ve Moved!

As we continue to grow and work throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, we have moved our headquarters to support that growth. From our new headquarters, our 100 plus person staff centrally manages all nationwide roof installations and service jobs. Our staff continues to support our field teams, project management and sales managers who are strategically located in every major market in the U.S. Our new headquarters in Tampa, Florida allows us to attract top talent to our management, estimating, logistics, customer service, business development, procurement, marketing, human resources and accounting teams.

Our new headquarters address is now:
North American Roofing Services, Inc.
Hidden River Corporate Center Two
14025 Riveredge Drive, Suite 600
Tampa, FL 33637

We look forward to hosting all of our customers and partners at our new home.

Here’s a sneak peek of our new corporate offices:


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Winter Storm Stella is Here! Do you have your Roof Snow Removal Plan Ready?

Commercial Rooftop Snow Removal Contractor - North American Roofing

Do you need a snow removal plan for your building’s roof after Winter Storm Stella?

No other national commercial roofing contractor is more prepared or fully staffed for this snow event than North American Roofing. Our rapid-response snow removal crews are strategically positioned across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and are on-call to assist you. Every crew is outfitted with the gear and equipment required to safely and efficiently remove heavy snow after this storm.

To learn how neglected snow load can affect your commercial building’s roof: click here.

Call North American Roofing today to lock in Rapid-Response Snow Removal coverage at a great rate:

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Visit North American Roofing at the RFMA 2017 Annual Conference

RFMA 2017 - North American Roofing
Are you going to the RFMA 2017 Annual Conference in Orlando? Visit North American Roofing (Booth #510) to enter for a chance to win either an Amazon Echo or a new drone! Need another reason to stop by? Discover why having North American Roofing as your go-to restaurant roofing partner increases efficiencies (energy, etc.) while simultaneously reducing interior issues commonly caused by environmental factors, neglect, or age.

Partnering with one of the nation’s largest commercial roofing contractor means having:

  • 24/7/365 Service options
  • Proactive maintenance programs
  • The nation’s most innovative custom restaurant roofing solutions (including Duro-Last!).

We look forward to meeting you and we’ll see you at the show!

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