Wind Damage to Facility Roofs

It’s the ultimate facility management nightmare; mighty winds pummeling the roof, shifting ballast and separating the membrane from the roof deck. Mother Nature has  a mind of her own, and while you can’t stop the wind, you can reduce the risk of damage from normal wind speeds in your region. Unlike the heavy wind that […]

 How Did This Roof Get So Bad?

If you live in fear of the next rainstorm or dread irate phone calls from waterlogged tenants, you just might have a case of “dead-roof denial.” Facility owners and managers who wait for an upturn in the economy or a higher annual profit margin before replacing a lifeless roof might think they’re making wise business […]

 Roof Replacement: Planning Ahead to Prevent Major Roof Failure

Despite the fact that it’s your facility’s first line of defense against environmental hazards, your roof gets no respect. Daily exposure to snow, ice, hail, high winds and scorching heat increase the risk of damage to the roof and to the contents below. Unfortunately, the roof is completely ignored until it springs a leak. It’s […]

 Disadvantages of One-Size-Fits-All Roofs

As if it wasn’t already hard enough to navigate the world of commercial roofs, now you have to deal with manufactures that push one-size-fits-all roofs, backed by blanket claims. Faced with a mountain of dubious “facts” and “figures,” how can facility owners and managers sift through the confusion and make the right roofing choice? One-size-fits-all […]

 Avoid Roof Project Pitfalls with North American Roofing

Knowing what to expect during a roofing project minimizes glitches and creates a constructive working atmosphere. At North American Roofing, where our clients are always our top priority, we avoid project pitfalls through preplanning, professionalism and communication. Common roof project pitfalls can be avoided by selecting a roofing company that respects your business, your staff […]

 Identifying and Addressing Roof Problem Areas

Pinpointing roof problems while they are still small and manageable translates into big savings for facility owners. Over time, high winds, torrential rains, snow loads and UV sun-rays take a toll on the best roofs. Some roof areas are more likely to fail before others are, and these areas should be examined regularly for signs […]

 Issues with Rooftop Units and Other Penetrations

Issues with Rooftop Units and Other Penetrations You might not think much about the condition of your building’s roof until it springs a leak. By then, unfortunately, extensive damage to the roof, to the building’s structure and to your inventory can occur. The safest and most effective method of protecting your investment is through professional […]

 Signs of an Interior Roof Problem

Interior Signs of a Roof Problem By the time you spot evidence of an interior roof problem, you could already be facing costly roofing and structural repairs. Because most roof problems start small and gradually get bigger, moisture and water damage to your facility can reach critical levels before the problem makes its presence known inside […]