Commercial Roof Maintenance – Keeping Gutters and Drains Clean in the Fall

In the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of inspecting your facility roof, performing periodic maintenance and making vital repairs before cold weather sets in. Today, we’re going to focus on just how damaging natural debris can be. All those beautiful autumn leaves can wreak havoc on a facility roof. Debris […]

 Fall Roof Preventative Maintenance

Good roof preventative maintenance practices include semiannual inspections. For most of us, September 23rd, the first day of fall, ushers in lower temperatures, changing leaves and tailgating.  But did you know this is the best time of year to be proactive and have your bi-annual roof inspection done?  While today’s roofing systems are durable and […]

 Pre-Winter Roof Inspections Can Reduce Utility Costs

There’s still time to reduce your seasonal utility costs before Old Man Winter sets in for good. Many parts of the country won’t succumb to the Big Chill until January or even February, but waiting that long to have your roof inspected is a gamble. Energy costs are at an all-time high, and if your […]

 Escape Winter Roof Woes with Fall Maintenance Measures

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your facility roof for the coming cold. In many regions of the U.S., winter brings frigid temperatures, icy winds and heavy snow loads, all of which stress building roof systems. During repeated cycles of snow and ice melt, water can seep into tiny roof cracks and refreeze, expanding […]

 Fall Roof Inspections: 4 Important Steps for Do-It-Yourself Roof Inspections

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, your facility’s roof should be inspected at least twice a year—once during fall months, and again in the late spring. Regular roof inspections are especially important for buildings in areas with severe seasonal storms or harsh climates. Your fall roof inspection helps to identify recent storm damage, prevent […]

 Fall is the Best Time for Roof Replacement

If you’re thinking about a roof replacement on your commercial or industrial facility, fall is by far the best time to handle it. The timing and weather cannot be better. It’s not too hot anymore but it’s still warm enough to allow flashings to seal and the membrane to settle before the cold weather arrives. Wait a […]