4 Interesting Ways Green Roofs Have Been Used

Green roofs

Installing Green Roofs Can Bring More Than Aesthetic Appeal Roof landscaping is taking big cities and small towns alike by storm. Between the environmental savings, energy savings and aesthetic appeal, it is easy to see why installing a green vegetative roof is becoming the popular choice for many businesses. Green roofs can be used in […]

 Benefits of a White Thermoplastic (TPO) Membrane Roof

If you’ve been thinking about a cool roof for a while, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term “TPO,” which is short for Thermoplastic polyolefin. One of the fastest growing roofing systems around, white thermoplastic membrane offers reduced cooling costs and energy savings for facilities located in warm climates. White and light-colored thermoplastic roof membranes feature […]

 Cool Roofs: Properties & Benefits

You know the feeling of walking barefoot on a hot summer’s day. The dark asphalt street was unbearably hot while the light colored sidewalk offered welcome relief for your tender feet. The same effect holds true for roofs. Cool roofing reflects harsh sun rays so the roof’s surface (and interior space underneath it) doesn’t get […]

 LEED and Your Roof

What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a voluntary and internationally recognized green building program. The goal for participants is to achieve LEED certification, which is based on a point system. When you design your building in compliance with sustainable standards, or you undertake a major eco-conscious renovation, you earn points […]

 Benefits of Photovoltaic Roofing

 As public interest in sustainable building soars, design professionals turn their attention to photovoltaic roofing as a way to harness renewable energy. With the development of photovoltaic roofing systems, facility owners can take advantage of utility cost savings while reducing energy demands on the power grid. The Sustainability Advantage For environmentally conscious building owners and […]

 “Why Cool Roofs?” from the U.S. Department of Energy

When replacing or building a new commercial or industrial roof system you have lots of options. Perhaps a cool roof system is an option that you should be considering. Roofs covered in a black membrane with absorb light which increases the temperature of your facility. White or reflective roofs scatter back the radiation into space […]