Protecting Your New Roof Investment – North American Roofing

Advances in the quality of commercial roofing products in the last few years are giving facility owners top-notch, long-lasting roofs. Despite these improvements, no roof is maintenance free. The best way to get the most useful life out of your new roof is to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent damage to the roof and […]

 TPO Maintenance Best Practices

When it’s in good condition, a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof reflects harsh UV rays and resists heat and chemical damage. Like all roof membranes, however, over time, TPO’s integrity can be affected by structural stress and environmental exposure, resulting in surface degradation, thinning and shrinkage. No roof lasts forever, but with a good maintenance plan, […]

 Prolonging Roof Life: The Importance of Good Maintenance

Prolonging Roof Life: The Importance of Good Maintenance Four factors dominate the condition and life-cycle of a roof system: Design efficiency Quality workmanship and materials Weather Roof maintenance The first factor involves things like planning for adequate drainage and calculating wind uplift. The second factor, which focuses on the use of quality materials and professional […]

 Issues with Rooftop Units and Other Penetrations

Issues with Rooftop Units and Other Penetrations You might not think much about the condition of your building’s roof until it springs a leak. By then, unfortunately, extensive damage to the roof, to the building’s structure and to your inventory can occur. The safest and most effective method of protecting your investment is through professional […]

 Signs of an Interior Roof Problem

Interior Signs of a Roof Problem By the time you spot evidence of an interior roof problem, you could already be facing costly roofing and structural repairs. Because most roof problems start small and gradually get bigger, moisture and water damage to your facility can reach critical levels before the problem makes its presence known inside […]