Top 5 Tips: How-to Avoid Roofing Scams After the Storm

How Facility Managers Can Avoid Roofing Scams After a Hurricane or Severe Weather Event

How to Spot Contractor Scams and Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of After the Storm In the coming days, you are sure to come across unfortunate stories of those in need who were taken advantage of by people who presented themselves as expert contractors. While, our chosen trade is commercial roofing, the following five questions can […]

 Executive Insight – Rooftop Safety

Rooftop Safety is more than just following OSHA guidelines.  It’s our #1 priority. Last week our leadership team came together for our quarterly meeting to discuss our successes and challenges from the previous quarter.  We mute our cell phones and close our laptops and spend time reviewing our performance and brainstorming on what we can […]

 Snow Removal before Roof Collapse

Get prepared for winter now – plan for your snow removal. A fresh, lofty snow can add 20 lbs. of weight per cubic foot, but wet snow, or partially thawed and refrozen snow, can add as much 60 lbs. per cubic foot of weight.  If you live in a northern climate, your roof was probably […]

 Rooftop Safety – Roof & Worker Protection

Rooftop safety practices should cover everyone that gets on the facility roof, including pedestrians, clients, the maintenance crew, subcontractors and employees. In addition to minimizing the risk to people, a proactive roof program safeguards the roof system. Something as simple as a carelessly dropped cigarette can melt a hole in a PVC membrane leading to a […]