Most commercial roofing contractors know the last thing you need is to lose productivity over constant roof issues. With North American Roofing as your trusted roofing services provider, you can rely on our experience servicing millions of square feet of roofing across the U.S. Tap our blend of service and expertise with a quick call to 800.551.5602. Every roof has a life cycle, and at some point, becomes beyond repair. Our team of commercial roofing engineers will do a comprehensive survey of your roof, including an existing conditions photo report, and provide a value-engineered roofing solution that fits your budget, energy concerns, sustainability strategy, and business priorities.

Industrial Roof Replacement in Progress

Roof Replacement.

Just saying the words can send shivers up your spine. Before you start counting dollar signs in lost productivity or the cost of a project this large, call North American Roofing. We’ve installed millions of sq. ft. of new roofs across the U.S. Tap our blend of service and expertise with a quick call to 800.551.5602.

Every roof has a life cycle, and at some point becomes beyond repair. Our team of commercial reroofing experts will do a free, comprehensive survey of your roof, including an existing conditions photo report, and provide a value-engineered replacement solution that fits your budget, energy concerns, sustainability strategy, and business priorities.

Customer Service That Pushes the Clouds Away

The typical roof lasts about 25 years. Your patience with lost productivity from leak repairs, damage control, or full reroofing probably lasts about 25 seconds. That brings us to timing. Though a reroofing project is probably the last thing you want to consider, let’s quickly discuss the North American Roofing approach today—because storm clouds are building on the horizon, and you need a proactive partner who anticipates and understands your needs uniquely. We’ll immediately get to work on a value-engineered replacement solution custom-built to your budget, energy concerns, and business priorities. You’ll set the agenda. We’ll deliver with the highest-rated job safety guidelines and reroof with the highest-quality materials from the industry’s best partners. So you stay as productive as you need to with minimal interruption. Today, and twenty-five years from now. Let’s take a closer look at how we do it.

A Proven Process to Build Your Success

Our reroofing process with you begins the moment you call. We’ll provide complete transparency throughout, with you at the center providing important information. Next, we’ll embark on five steps:

  1. We’ll seek to understand the specifics of your business, including budgetary requirements and overall facility life-cycle goals.
  2. We’ll work with you to determine the optimal time to complete your reroofing needs.
  3. We’ll do a thorough site inspection, examining both the interior and exterior of the building, taking core samples, inspecting drainage points, and reviewing metal termination points.
  4. We’ll use infrared scans and the latest technology to check for leak penetrations, moisture access points, and insulation issues.
  5. We’ll provide a comprehensive, custom-built quote in two to three weeks that includes a detailed conditions photo-log, an energy-saving/life-cycle analysis, and an in-depth scope of work.

Flat Roof Replacement Options

Worried about Roof Replacement Cost?

Let the roofing repair, replacement, and maintenance experts at North American Roofing put your mind at ease. We will evaluate your project, make recommendations, and work with you to find a realistic solution that suits your individual needs.

Helpful Resources on Commercial Roof Replacement:

If you have a reroofing project, call 800.551.5602 to speak with the industry leaders at North American Roofing today.

Industrial Roof Leak Repair

Local Repairs from a National Leader.

Storms. Tree limbs. Heavy snow damage. Even a loose screw or two from a sloppy HVAC installation. They’re all issues that can plague your productivity if left unattended, and cost your company thousands in costly repairs. From preventative maintenance programs to guarantees on every repair we make, when your roof needs help, call North American Roofing. Our crews are nationwide and ready to respond within 24 hours. Period. So tap our blend of service and expertise with a quick call to 866.567.2064.

Roof Leak and Repair Services

Even the best roof can fall victim to severe weather outbreaks, fallen trees, vandals, and other unexpected events. A relatively small leak can interrupt operations, slow down workflow, and result in equipment, structural, and inventory damage. A larger leak can be financially disastrous.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We swiftly mobilize skilled repair teams to minimize water damage and save you money.
  • Our fully equipped teams repair the problem without interrupting your day-to-day business.
  • We’re ready to respond 24/7, 365 days a year, so we’ll be here when you need us.
  • We’ll give you the documentation necessary to help file insurance claims.
  • After we get the situation under control, we’ll help you determine the best long-term roof options.
  • A representative is available to take your call.
  • We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on all repairs.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to give our clients added value, and our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you need intensive damage-control assistance, check out our Roof Disaster Response Program and we’ll be ready to roll, even before a storm strikes.

No matter what level of leak or damage repair service you need, when you call North American Roofing’s leak repair service number at 866.567.2064—we’re there.

Flat Roof Repairs for Projects of Any Size

Adopting a proactive commercial roofing repair plan can extend the life of your roof, prevent leaks, and keep your tenants happy while saving you big bucks in the long run. Flat roofing repair falls into different categories: maintenance-type repairs, emergency repairs, and large-scale, deterioration-related repairs. No matter where your roof is, in terms of age or condition, a comprehensive commercial roof repair plan is an investment in your facility and your business.

Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

Weather-related damage is the most common cause of emergency-type commercial roof repair needs, which is why North American Roofing offers the Roof Disaster Response Program. Severe storms that bring gale-force winds, baseball-sized hail, and torrential rains can wreak havoc on any commercial roof. Emergency repairs should be temporary and offer immediate protection of the building’s structure and its contents, while establishing a safe water drainage route. After debris removal and professional roof assessment have taken place, schedule permanent commercial roof repair to follow as soon as possible.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

At some point, commercial flat roof repair is no longer an option. When you find yourself ordering roof repairs continuously, but leaks keep occurring, it might be time to quit patching the patches. No roof lasts forever and once a roofing membrane becomes brittle or splits, it’s time to consider replacing the roof. If you wait too long, repair costs and additional expenses to fix interior damage can end up costing you much more.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Extend Your Roof’s Life with Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance.

The best way to extend the life of your roof is with a comprehensive commercial roof maintenance plan. A well-maintained roof can last many years past its initial warranty period, and every astute building manager knows that pushing back roof replacement frees up capital that can be used for other business-related expenditures. Savvy building managers that want to get the most from their roof investment realize that regular commercial roof maintenance isn’t an option—it’s an integral part of a fiscally responsible facility plan.

Timing Is Everything in the World of Roof Maintenance

Optimally, a commercial roof should be inspected at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Most roof system warranties have specific roofing maintenance guidelines that must be followed in order to keep the warranty in effect. In some cases, enrolling in a qualified commercial roof maintenance plan can actually extend your warranty.

Preventative Practices

In addition to regular inspections, warranty maintenance, and repairs, there are things facility managers can do to extend the service life of their roofs. All workers who have access to the roof should follow general precautions, such as not smoking on the roof, walking only on designated walk paths and pads, promptly clearing drain clogs, and making it a habit not to leave tools or other items on the roof.

How to Establish a Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

Documenting the history of the roof is imperative to a successful commercial roof maintenance plan. It’s nice to keep both a digital copy and a hard copy of all the necessary documents, which should include original roof specs, shop drawings and proposals, daily construction reports, manufacturer’s roofing system product sheets, warranty documents and records of all roof changes, modifications, and repairs.

Initial Roof Survey for a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

An initial comprehensive roof survey, including an energy audit analysis, provides a solid foundation at the start of a new commercial roof maintenance program. The survey should feature a detailed report of the roof’s current condition, the age and size of the roof, and the type of roofing system present. Any factor that influences the existing or future roof condition, such as location and type of access portals, the number and placement of paths, prevailing environmental factors and building use, are all invaluable when it comes to establishing a successful commercial roof maintenance plan.

Valuable Reasons to Enroll in a Roof Maintenance Program

Because a commercial roof is much more complicated and technical than it looks to the untrained eye, the best way to protect your investment is to hire a roofing specialist rather than handing over responsibility for the roof to a building maintenance crew. At North American Roofing, we assist our customers in making good roof repair and maintenance decisions. We use state-of-the-art thermography equipment that can detect potential leaks before they’re visible. Our goal is to keep your roof in top shape so you can go about the business of running your business.

Give us a call at 866-567-2064 today to learn more about our commercial roof maintenance programs.

StarCare Maintenance Program

StarCare is an affordable roof asset management program designed to prolong the lives of your existing roof systems, keep them water tight, and provide you with all the information you need to forecast maintenance budgets for necessary roof repairs and replacements. Learn more about StarCare here.

“Having all 1,700 of our retail stores in the StarCare™ program has provided unbelievable savings both financially and in time management.”


starcare logo


You already know a maintenance program can help you avoid costly repairs and replacements later and that many roof warranties advise or insist on regular maintenance, and don’t cover your building from weather damage. But you may not have known your investment in StarCare is tax deductible. Or that major manufacturers like GAF even reward you with extension options if you keep an active maintenance program.

StarCare Packages 

The StarCare program can be customized to fit any budget, any size facility, and any property or warranty requirement. You can utilize the StarCare program to define the scope of work needed for every roof, every property, and for every year within your portfolio. Two-person inspection teams perform a comprehensive, photo-documented inspection, providing you with full reports and proposals for any work needed. Premium StarCare customers also get additional preventative maintenance services with the added benefit of proactively preserving their roof’s life cycle. These measures can help maintain the original manufacturer’s warranty maintenance and any extensions.

Read this study by GAF to learn more about the benefits of preventative maintenance.

How Will You Benefit from this Commercial Roof Asset and Maintenance Program?

  • Keeps your warranty intact
  • Reduces leak frequency and severity
  • Prevents trapped moisture and mold growth
  • Defers capital expenses and gives you the ability to proactively budget
  • Prevents costly production/operation delays
  • Gets you priority leak response

StarCare Inspection Categories:

  • Membrane flashing
  • Metal flashing
  • Vent penetrations
  • Drainage
  • Miscellaneous equipment

Ready to enroll? Call us at 866.567.2064 or email today!

Roof Disaster Response Program

No one can afford to have their roof unprotected when disaster strikes—whether it’s torrential rains, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, or earthquakes. When it happens, you need an immediate response. That’s why we offer the most sophisticated disaster response program in the industry. In a major emergency—either natural or man-made—North American Roofing has teams on standby nationwide, ready to dispatch the trained manpower, specialized equipment, materials, and other support needed to get you back in business quickly.

Roof Disaster Response Program

When a roof gets damaged, time is critical. By providing turnkey roofing disaster response services, we are able to restore operations quickly, in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing business interruption and overall claim.

How does it work?

  1. Sign a letter of intent with North American Roofing to be your contractor to respond to all or a set of facilities in the event of a disaster. An agreed upon Not To Exceed (NTE) is set.
  2. North American Roofing mobilizes prior to the storms based on your needs.
  3. Let us know which facilities need response and we’ll dispatch crews to arrive as soon as it is safe and accessible.
  4. Facilities are inspected and repairs are done up to the NTE. Repairs that exceed the NTE are quoted for approval.
  5. Repair is documented and reporting includes before and after photos.

How to get started?

Call North American Roofing at 800.551.5602 before disaster strikes so you’ll be prepared with a disaster response plan and a team of experts at the ready.

Commercial Snow Removal Contractor

Commercial Roof Snow Removal.

When heavy snowfall pushes weight limits on the roof to dangerous levels, it is imperative that the snow be removed to prevent a roof collapse. A roof collapse causes significant building damage, endangers people’s lives, risks damaging or destroying building contents, halts or reduces productivity, and usually leads to huge financial losses. Even winter’s routine freeze/thaw cycle can contribute to roof defects that can cause your roof to leak and damage your property.

We understand the importance of removing heavy snows before they damage your roof’s structural integrity. Our crews are experienced in removing snow in accordance with OSHA safety regulations. When you enroll your facility in one of our snow removal programs, you can count on us to be there to remove damaging snow before it affects your roof. We’re offering two types of snow removal services: Pre-Storm Program and Emergency Response Service.

The Science of Snow Load on a Flat Roof

One foot of light snow is approximately the same weight as one inch of water, which weighs five pounds per square foot. Heavy, wet, or packed snow can weigh substantially more, adding 10–20 pounds per cubic foot of weight to the roof’s surface. Snow that thaws and refreezes can weigh as much as 40–60 pounds per cubic foot. In northern climates where it’s not uncommon to receive three or more feet of snow at a time, the added weight quickly becomes a burden on the roof.

FEMA Snowload Safety for Commercial Buildings & Warehouses

Signs of Snow Overload

Damage to the roof from heavy snow events is progressive. Snow accumulation that is not promptly removed can weaken the roof’s structure and surface, making it easier for subsequent snows to wreak havoc. In addition to making a visual assessment, check for other indicators that your roof has suffered from snow damage.

These signs include:

  • Noticeable roof deformities
  • New areas of ponding water after snowmelt
  • Sagging or bent metal purlins
  • Leaking, which could indicate membrane damage
  • Audible “popping” noises emanating from the building’s structure

Your facility’s original blueprints might include a notation of safe snow loads, but it can be difficult to determine snow load limits on older facilities and on weakened roof structures.

Factors That Increase Snow Load Problems

Low-slope roofs are more susceptible to damage than steeper roofs because heavy snows cannot easily slide off. Windblown drifting can create huge snowdrifts, resulting in substantial loads on certain parts of the roof. Multilevel roofs and rooftop lean-tos encourage drifting—putting low areas of a facility roof at greater risk for damage. Furthermore, snow and ice melt-off can freeze and block drainage systems. Even when snow or ice accumulation doesn’t exceed your roof’s weight capacity, drifting and wind can cause unanticipated roof failures or leaks. Roofs can (and do) cave in with no warning signs.

Snow Removal

When the time comes to remove excess snow or ice from your roof, it must be removed by hand, in a checkerboard pattern, to avoid causing instability in the roof. Snow removal equipment designed for use on the ground, such as snow blowers, power brooms, and ordinary snow shovels, can cause damage to your roof, along with skylights and buried gas lines, and you should never use a pick or axe to chop ice. Sending a general maintenance crew to the roof can be risky, due to potentially icy and slippery surfaces. Most maintenance crews do not have the expertise, safety equipment, and snow removal tools necessary to complete the job safely, and can oftentimes do more harm to your roof than good.

Don’t put your people or property at risk. Let our trained and skilled experts remove the snow from your roof. We have the OSHA-approved full protection equipment to properly and safely remove the snow. We also understand your roofing system and know how to protect it during the removal process. We’ll make sure you get your roof cleared without voiding your warranty.

Pre-storm Program

This proactive program is for the building manager or owner who likes to minimize his or her chances of disaster.

  • Let us know 48 hours before the storm, and we’ll be ready when it hits.
  • Receive our top priority response.
  • No holdups. One call and it’s done.
  • Custom snow removal plans developed for each facility and snow event.

Emergency Response Service from a National Roofing Contractor

It’s said that the true measure of someone’s character is how he or she reacts in a crisis. So whether your emergency is man-made or courtesy of Mother Nature, you can rely on North American Roofing.

  • Emergency Disaster Response teams nationwide are placed on standby notice.
  • We’re ready to dispatch and mobilize skilled manpower, specialized equipment, and materials needed to get customers back in business quickly.
  • We provide all necessary documentation for filing insurance claims.

How Low-Slope Roof Snow Removal Works

All snow removal is to be completed on a time and materials basis. We reserve the right to assess each property on a location to location basis and in some cases, we may refuse to attempt the snow removal, should structural damage be evident, or if safety concerns cannot be rectified prior to the start of work.

Snow removal is a crucial part of commercial roofing maintenance. The professionals at North American Roofing can help.

  • Before scheduling can take place, the owner or owner’s representative is required to deem the building safe.
  • The owner is to provide North American Roofing with a Not To Exceed (NTE) amount along with a work order or purchase order number before any work can proceed.
  • North American Roofing will remove the snow from the roof according to the owner or owner’s representative’s specifications. All roof snow removal is to be coordinated with the owner’s ground clearing contractors for handling and removal of the snow from the site, at the owner’s expense.
  • North American Roofing will take every precaution not to damage the roof during the snow removal. However, if subsequent damage does occur North American Roofing will repair the damage at an extra charge to the owner.
  • North American Roofing will send “after” pictures of the snow removal along with a sign-off sheet with the signature of the owner’s representative if available at the time of completion.


Custom Roof Metal Fabrication

Custom Roof Metal Fabrication.

You’ve made a substantial investment in your building’s roof, only to discover that in a few short years, the money you thought you were saving on installation or by removing edging components simply isn’t adding up. You suddenly have big costs in repairs thanks to Mother Nature, wind, and corrosion in the form of new perimeter coverings such as fascia, coping, and guttering. Metal edging components can protect the life cycle of your roofing system and offer a visually appealing exterior to your facility. Yet to fully realize those benefits, installation of your metal edge roof components must be impeccable. That’s why you can count on North American Roofing’s superior metal edge services. Our installation professionals are highly trained with metal roof edges, and are backed up by our custom in-house metal manufacturing facility. Combined, our nearly singular approach in the industry allows us to offer a wide variety of metal products alongside all major manufacturer brands for use in your roofing system. Discover more by calling 800.551.5602.

Metal Works Hard. Put It to Work for You.

Our ES-1 certified metal facility literally fabricates literally hundreds of thousands of linear feet of custom roof metal each month. The benefit to you is our use of top-of-the-line materials and custom-made solutions for your roofing design. Starting at the outer edge, our fabricated metal roof accessories and details not only look attractive, but are engineered and custom-fabricated to meet the specific condition of the building. This provides superior attachment—a clear advantage over many of our competitors.

We offer two tiers of roof edge metal: Our standard roof edge metal perimeter system provides a variety of options, colors, and styles, as well as a strong, protective solution for projects in areas where wind uplift is not severe. Our premium perimeter system offers the same aesthetic options as our standard system, yet is ideal for those areas that require additional coverage for extreme wind loads. With either option, we offer a full line of coping, gutters, details, trim, and full sheet panels in all gauges, colors, finishes, and metal-type choices.

The Benefits of Choosing Metal Roof Edging

Visually Appealing: With the variety of colors and styles of metal roof edging, the design capabilities are endless.

Durability: Metal edge roof components are not just attractive; they provide a protective system that helps prevent the upward and outward pull of membrane roof materials, which tend to peel or blow off during extreme wind loads. In addition, current standards such as the International Building Code (IBC) have dictated the use of ES-1 rated roof edge systems like those provided by North American Roofing. By designing and installing our ES-1 certified components, we can provide our customers a safer, longer-lasting roof.

Installation Ease: Because our metal edge roofing components are customer-engineered for functionality, they are easy to install. This ensures a proper fit and keeps your project on schedule.

Sustainability: Unlike metal roofing components of the 1970s, the metal we use today lasts much longer, without unattractive rust and decay. This extended life cycle benefits the environment by decreasing the demand on natural resources and the energy required to extract, manufacture, and replace an alternate system after just 15 to 20 years.

Our Metal Roofing Preferred Providers

When we’re not offering our clients a customized approach via our in-house metal fabrication facility, we insist on the very best metal from our preferred partners, we also partner alongside

major manufacturer brands, such as:

  • Metal-Era
  • Hickman
  • Carlisle SynTec
  • Fabral
  • Pac-Clad
  • Firestone
  • Atas
  • Berridge
Energy Audits Analysis

Roof Energy Audits and Analysis.

Your roof can be your best defense or your greatest enemy when it comes to energy costs. And in the current business climate, businesses and building owners are under increasing pressure to push profit margins ever wider. That’s why smart facility managers looking upward for savings—and finding them embedded in their roofing systems. There are, however, many considerations when it comes to determining the right roof for your commercial enterprise, and chief among them are differences in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, the most energy-efficient roof in one region of the country might not perform as well elsewhere. To make an informed buying decision, you need to know your roof’s rate of heat transfer, which depends on numerous factors, including the type and amount of insulation, the degree of reflectivity, and even the ceiling material. That’s why North American Roofing offers a roof energy audit and analysis report as a recommended service. We can assess your current roofing solution for its ability to save on energy costs. Further, by comparing various roof types against regional weather demographics, we can accurately estimate your energy usage over the next 20 years. That sounds like helpful information for budget forecasting, doesn’t it?

Let the Savings Begin

At the completion of our energy audit, we’ll give you a detailed comparison analysis of at least two different types of roofs. We’ll show you the initial costs to install the roofs, and we’ll project the long-term energy costs for each option. We use multiple factors, such as your building’s interior temperature, the number of sunny days in your region, the type of fuel you use for heating or cooling, and projected fuel inflation rates.

Selecting the Right Roofing System

See if this sounds familiar: In an effort to save in the near term, you select a roofing system that’s the least expensive. And for a short time, you’re very happy with the decision. Then monthly heating or cooling costs begin to flood in, and you discover the least expensive option has become the most. That’s why it’s essential to compare installation costs with the long-term expenses associated with different roof systems. Low initial costs can result in higher maintenance fees, increased energy usage, and a shorter overall roof life.

Armed with our energy audit results, you can make an informed decision based on roof performance and lower utility costs. Quantifying the total life-cycle cost of your roof offers you the best long-term value and savings. At North American Roofing, we’re committed to helping you get the best roof for your money.

North American Roofing Contractors

Roofing for Public/Government Agencies.

North American Roofing has been awarded roof construction service contracts in 22 states with the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) and ezIQC.  The NJPA is a public agency serving as a national contracting cooperative that facilitates the bidding and contracting process on behalf of its members.

ezIQC is an easy and intelligent alternative for buying on-call facility repair and construction services. Thanks to the competitively bid prices available through cooperative purchasing, you can shed the red tape of traditional procurement in favor of speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

ezIQC is based on Job Order Contracts, in which contractors bid based on a catalog of pre-priced construction tasks for all divisions of construction, including roofing. Quality contractors have already been competitively selected in almost every area of the U.S. and they are ready to perform the work today.

The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) is a municipal contracting agency operating under the legislative authority of Minnesota Statute 123A.21.

Get your project up and running today. To get started, go to, or contact us to get more information.