Pre-Winter Roof Inspections Can Reduce Utility Costs

There’s still time to reduce your seasonal utility costs before Old Man Winter sets in for good. Many parts of the country won’t succumb to the Big Chill until January or even February, but waiting that long to have your roof inspected is a gamble. Energy costs are at an all-time high, and if your […]

 How HVAC Units Can Hurt Your Roof

No one wants to stay in a sweltering-hot building — so keeping workers and tenants comfortably cool is high on most facility managers’ lists. Although they make the climate bearable indoors, rooftop air conditioning units are among the biggest culprits when it comes to roof-related problems. Since  rooftop HVAC units penetrate the roof system, the […]

 Case Study: Corporate Disk Company

Corporate Disk Company McHenry, IL l 2013 22,926 sq. ft. l 60-mil, Non-reinforced EPDM Ballasted Roof After 20 years, the 22,926 sq. ft. roof on the Corporate Disk Company’s facility in McHenry, Illinois, needed to be replaced. The company, which manufactures digital media products and accessories, was looking for a long-term solution. The facility’s existing […]

 Rooftop Safety – Roof & Worker Protection

Rooftop safety practices should cover everyone that gets on the facility roof, including pedestrians, clients, the maintenance crew, subcontractors and employees. In addition to minimizing the risk to people, a proactive roof program safeguards the roof system. Something as simple as a carelessly dropped cigarette can melt a hole in a PVC membrane leading to a […]

 Celebrating 20 Years in Asheville, NC

PRESS RELEASE – September 26, 2013 With solid growth and sales on track to beat projections, North American Roofing, the 3rd largest commercial and industrial roofing company in the United States, has much to celebrate on its 20th anniversary in Asheville, NC and 34 years of award-winning service. North American Roofing, the 3rd largest commercial […]

 Escape Winter Roof Woes with Fall Maintenance Measures

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your facility roof for the coming cold. In many regions of the U.S., winter brings frigid temperatures, icy winds and heavy snow loads, all of which stress building roof systems. During repeated cycles of snow and ice melt, water can seep into tiny roof cracks and refreeze, expanding […]

 New Commercial Roofing Codes & Standards Bring Improvements

As technology evolves, so does the call for higher quality roofing materials and advanced installation techniques. The purpose behind commercial roofing codes and standards has always been the same — to protect lives and investments, and to secure public welfare through the regulation of design and structure. Many of today’s codes and standards also reflect […]

 Wind Damage to Facility Roofs

It’s the ultimate facility management nightmare; mighty winds pummeling the roof, shifting ballast and separating the membrane from the roof deck. Mother Nature has  a mind of her own, and while you can’t stop the wind, you can reduce the risk of damage from normal wind speeds in your region. Unlike the heavy wind that […]

 Case Study: Cold Storage Facility in VA – Lineage Logistics

Lineage Logistics Sandston, VA l 8/16/2013 35,046 sq. ft. l 60-mil PVC  After 20 years, the ballasted EPDM roof on the Lineage Logistics cold storage facility in Sandston, VA was failing. Poor drainage slope resulted in ponding areas of water, and a breached vapor seal allowed moisture to permeate parts of the roof and damage […]

 Single-Ply Roofing: Installation Considerations

Because they’re flexible, durable and amazingly weather-resistant, single-ply roofing systems have grown in popularity with low-slope facility owners and managers. High quality EPDM, TPO and PVC membranes, manufactured under strict quality controls, are suitable for both new roof and re-roofing projects. Installation methods vary, depending on the type of single-ply system selected and other criteria, […]

 Case Study: HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Re-Roof

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Arlington Arlington, TX l 4/3/2013 63,744 sq. ft. l 60-mil LaserWeld® TPO  After 20 years, the ballasted EPDM roof on the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Arlington, Texas was nearing the end of its useful life. Energy costs were a major concern and it was obvious the new system needed to be […]

 Cool Roofs: Properties & Benefits

You know the feeling of walking barefoot on a hot summer’s day. The dark asphalt street was unbearably hot while the light colored sidewalk offered welcome relief for your tender feet. The same effect holds true for roofs. Cool roofing reflects harsh sun rays so the roof’s surface (and interior space underneath it) doesn’t get […]