Roofing Seasonality

Taking advantage of the seasonality of the roofing industry   It’s a pretty well known fact that the easiest time to replace a roof is when the weather is perfect – sun is shining and there is no impending threat of rain.  It’s really just common sense.  Similar to any company in the construction industry, […]

 Metal Roofing Retrofit

Replace Your Metal Roofing System with a TPO Flute Fill System Metal roofing systems are known for their architectural beauty and their ability to withstand most elements.  But even metal roofs, over time, can show signs of wear.  Extensive exposure to extreme weather, UV exposure, and debris buildup will eventually take their toll on even the […]

 Roof Replacement: Planning Ahead to Prevent Major Roof Failure

Despite the fact that it’s your facility’s first line of defense against environmental hazards, your roof gets no respect. Daily exposure to snow, ice, hail, high winds and scorching heat increase the risk of damage to the roof and to the contents below. Unfortunately, the roof is completely ignored until it springs a leak. It’s […]

 Flat, TPO Re-Roof Project Profile in Charlotte, NC

Project Profile: STERIGENICS – Charlotte, NC 65,549 sf Sterigenics was facing the typical problem facilities have when their roofs are 25 years old, leaks. A lot of the flashing around the HVAC units and skylights had deteriorated and was letting water underneath the membrane. After inspecting the existing insulation, we determined not all the insulation […]

 Fall is the Best Time for Roof Replacement

If you’re thinking about a roof replacement on your commercial or industrial facility, fall is by far the best time to handle it. The timing and weather cannot be better. It’s not too hot anymore but it’s still warm enough to allow flashings to seal and the membrane to settle before the cold weather arrives. Wait a […]