For over seven decades, the Asheville Art Museum has been dedicated to providing education and enrichment through visual arts for both individuals and communities. This fall saw the grand opening of a new museum in downtown Asheville that exudes culture, learning, and contemporary architecture. The community is fortunate to have an institution like this, with its mission-driven approach as part of its cultural landscape. More about Ashville here.

The museum celebrates and explores 20th-century American art through carefully curated exhibitions, illustrating the nation’s aesthetic and cultural evolution. In addition to this broader focus on American culture, the Collection also preserves works that reflect Southern Appalachia’s unique combination of cultures and shows how it has profoundly impacted American art over time. All in all, the Museum provides an incredible variety of art to explore, from traditional Appalachian styles to contemporary works from around the world.

From 15 to 20 stunning exhibitions per year and a plethora of public programs for all ages, the Asheville Art Museum is your must-visit destination. Take advantage of the tours, lectures, workshops, and other educational opportunities available throughout the year. Plus, with its two spacious galleries, ample outdoor space, and an auditorium for special events, Asheville Art Museum will surely bring out the art lover in you!

The facility also offers rentals for events and corporate-related activities, making it the perfect place to gather friends and family. Stop by the Museum’s café, shop in its gift store, which offers unique works of art, or just relax on the terrace while taking in the breathtaking views. Don’t forget to check out the Museum’s calendar for upcoming events. Check this out here.

With its commitment to enriching individuals and communities through art, the Asheville Art Museum has something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to art appreciation, the Museum offers an exciting cultural experience that promises hours of enjoyment and learning!