Club Car, Inc. – Evans, GA

The existing standing seam roof at the Club Car manufacturing facility was leaking badly and needed a new roof to stop the leaks and improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Flowers Bakery – Montgomery, AL

Flowers Bakery knew they needed a new roof, had a specific budget, and required the system to have a 20-year warranty.


Skokie Fashion Mall – Montgomery, AL

The roof of the Skokie Fashion Mall was in bad shape. Leaks were becoming more and more numerous, and for a retail outlet this isn’t acceptable for very long. An inspection of the roof showed that water was penetrating the membrane and had completely soaked the insulation.

Metal Improvement

Metal Improvement – Emigsville, PA

The existing assembly was an R-Panel roof with spray foam insulation on the underside of the deck. The customer wanted R-Value but did not want it on the underside of the deck because of the environment inside. The process of forging metal had deteriorated the insulation as well as the metal R-Panel decking.


Warehouse Services – Greenville, SC

The existing EPDM roof on this facility had deteriorated beyond repair, and the budget wouldn’t allow for a total roof replacement. With that in mind, North American Roofing recommended installing a new TPO assembly over the existing EPDM. Not only would the roof leaks stop, but the switch from black EPDM to white TPO would provide significant energy savings over the lifecycle of the new roof.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Franklin, IN

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries knew the roof system on their facility in Franklin, Indiana was in bad shape. When it was determined that the 118,759-square-foot roof needed to be replaced, North American Roofing knew it was important to specify and install a durable roofing system due to the heavy amount of foot traffic that was partially responsible for the roof’s premature deterioration in the first place. It was also imperative that the new roofing system be Factory Mutual approved, and white, per Mitsubishi’s requirements.

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Wilson Warehouse – Baton Rouge, LA

A 197,539 square foot warehouse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The roof was replaced with a TPO membrane and received a “Perfect 10” inspection rating from the manufacturer.

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Grainger – Greensboro, NC

Fortunately the existing roof system components at this 24,690 square foot Grainger location were in good shape and did not need to be replaced. The membrane, however, was a different story.

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Sterigenics – Charlotte, NC

Sterigentics was facing the typical problem facilities have when their roofs are 25 years old, leaks. A lot of the flashing around the HVAC units and skylights had deteriorated and was letting water underneath the membrane. After inspecting the existing insulation, we determined not all the insulation was damaged or wet so we were able to salvage most of it, reducing the overall cost of the project.


HealthSouth Rehab – Arlington, TX

After 20 years, the ballasted EPDM roof on the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Arlington, Texas was nearing the end of its useful life. Energy costs were a major concern and it was obvious the new system needed to be reflective. HealthSouth Corporation chose North American Roofing to replace the old roof, based on our reputation, our experience and our competitive price.