Explore the inner workings of CNN’s global headquarters in Atlanta with this guided walking tour! Get an exclusive, up-close glimpse at how a worldwide news organization operates. Learn how to produce a newscast, view the latest technology in newsrooms, and get behind-the-scenes access to some of CNN’s most popular programs. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist or just curious about what goes on at CNN, this tour has something for everyone! Browse next article.

Home to the world headquarters of Cable News Network (CNN), the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia is a bustling center for newsroom and studio activities. From this site emerges daily coverage broadcasted around the globe by several of CNN’s dedicated channels. Some of the world’s most renowned journalists, anchors, and reporters have delivered the news from within these walls for over three decades.

On CNN Studio Tours, guests can see what it takes to facilitate such an enterprise and discover the bustling control rooms and more laid-back newsrooms. Listen in on conversations between reporters, producers, technicians, and other crew members while you explore the sprawling studios behind the scenes. Gaze into the depths of editing suites and meet with some of your favorite news personalities!

Afterward, you can also take a stroll through the CNN Store where souvenirs are available to commemorate your incredible experience. Take home a memento that will remind you of all the hard work behind the scenes at CNN! You never know, you might even bump into a famous news anchor while roaming around the store.

So whether you’re a budding journalist, die-hard news buff, or curious about what CNN is all about, check out CNN Studio Tours. It’s an eye-opening and educational adventure that will leave lasting impressions with visitors of all ages. Come explore the inner workings of the world’s leading news source! Browse around this site.