StarWish Foundation.

As the most trusted and respected commercial and industrial roofing company in the U.S., North American Roofing is committed to providing a working environment that is nurturing and based on charitable principles. Four years ago, we formed the StarWish Foundation as a way for our company and employees to give back to the communities we work and play in. Our belief in this is so strong, we offer to pay our staff up to four hours a month for charity work. No matter what the cause, we hold ourselves and our staff accountable to giving back and paying it forward.

Some of these charitable organizations include:

  • RiverLink
  • MANNA Food Bank
  • Toys for Tots
  • U.S. Army
  • ABCCM Children’s First
  • Shriners Hospitals
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue
  • Mountain Housing Opportunities

A New Direction

In 2016, we decided that the StarWish Foundation would be a better service to our communities if we focused our efforts on a singular mission.  By taking this approach, our goal is to continue our “giving back” company culture but also provide a greater impact on a singular cause. Our singular cause is addiction.

StarWish Foundation focuses on the prevention, treatment, and recovery of alcohol and drug addiction. In the roofing industry, we see substance abuse problems far too often. Through the StarWish Foundation, we will lend our time and resources to support organizations in the communities we work in that are battling addiction and abuse.

Why Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is the most pressing health and human rights crisis facing our country today.

Addiction is the leading cause of preventable death – more than motor vehicle accidents.

22 million people are struggling with addiction. 23 million people are in recovery.

350 lives lost each day.

The Substance Abuse and Addiction Movement

Addiction impacts not just the addict but their families as well.  One in every three households in America are affected by addiction. Yet 90% of people in need of treatment for addiction don’t receive it. Millions of people have joined the movements to battle cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. But because of the shame and stigma surrounding addiction, no movement of that scale has ever been created. Until now.

A movement is upon us. is organizing it. Tens of thousands are behind it including celebrities, musicians, activists, Fortune 500 companies, and the Federal Government. Now, North American Roofing is joining the fight.

The StarWish Focus

Alcohol and other drugs are becoming more available and more lethal, and our children are being exposed at younger ages every year. Roughly 45 million people have had their lives turned upside down by addiction and 8.3 million of those are children who live in a household with a parent in need of treatment. The StarWish Foundation will focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery.


  • Educate teens about the risks and warning signs of addiction
  • Teach parents how to talk with their kids about alcohol and other drugs


  • Offer more treatment options to people who are currently battling addiction on their own


  • Create support systems to help with the life-long effects of alcohol and drug abuse

North American Roofing is committed to this cause and we encourage you to get involved!