After Hurricane Harvey passes, facility managers and building owners throughout Texas know they can rely on the licensed and insured commercial roofing services from North American Roofing.

Right now, our fully-equipped crews are mobilized throughout Texas. We are ready to dispatch to your site’s location and get you back in the dry as soon as possible.

Trusted Emergency Roof Repair or Replacement

Hurricane Harvey - Commercial Roof Leak and Repair Service

When you have our roofing disaster response services at your disposal, you also have a partner who is dedicated to restoring your operations quickly, efficiently. Let us help you reduce business interruption and claim issues.

How Does the Process Work?

  1. Call North American Roofing 1-866-567-2064 and tell us your situation.
  2. After submitting some quick paperwork, North American Roofing’s rapid response crews will be on call within your vicinity.
  3. Following the severe weather event let us know which facilities need response and we’ll dispatch crews to arrive as soon as it is safe and accessible.
  4. Facilities are inspected and repairs are done up to the pre-approved (NTE) contracted amount. Repairs that exceed the agreed upon contracted terms are quoted for approval.
  5. Every repair is documented (photos with details) and every report includes before and after photos.

How to get started?

Call North American Roofing or use the form on this page to get your facility in the dry and back to business.