Modified bitumen is a very durable product, especially in high-traffic areas and when confined to smaller roof areas with a high density of service equipment. The flexible nature of the “modifiers” allows owners to select a roof that is a thicker product and more resistant to building movement and metal-to-membrane interfaces than a built-up roof (BUR) system.

Modified Bitumen and Built-Up Roof Systems

  • North American Roofing offers cold applied (adhesive) anchoring when installing a modified built-up roof system. Cold-applied modified bitumen installations means higher quality, as well as ensured health and safety.
  • North American Roofing always specifies a multi-layered approach due to quality issues, which precludes us from offering a sufficient warranty on single-layer modified bitumen roofing systems.
  • North American Roofing typically uses a base layer of fiberglass, topped with a reinforced layer of polyester. This yields a stronger, more puncture-resistant, and warrantable roofing system.