Mobile is home to a plethora of delightful attractions, but one that stands out from the rest is the Oakleigh House Museum. Constructed in 1833 by Virginian James W. Roper, Oakleigh is a dazzling illustration of historic conservation; maintained and adapted over time by its inhabitants. It was one of the earliest major dwellings to be developed outside the city boundaries, with historians commending Oakleigh as one of the most noteworthy samples of Greek revival architecture nationwide. A great place also to visit.

The museum chronicles the colorful past of Mobile, from its Native American roots to the city’s role during the Civil War. Throughout its 300-year journey, Oakleigh has seen a vast array of events: from the prevalence of King Cotton in urban slavery to deadly epidemics and railroad expansion during the Civil War, culminating with emancipation. This unique museum is a true representation of the resilience and spirit of Mobile, and its doors are open to anyone eager to explore!

Apart from its historical offerings, Oakleigh House Museum boasts an impressive collection of artifacts, antiques, and furniture. Visitors can expect to find 18th-century artisanship alongside Victorian relics such as a piano from 1914 and a handcrafted desk from the 1880s. Various interactive events are held here throughout the year, such as art workshops, book clubs, cooking classes and more.

Visitors can explore period furnishings, original artifacts and photographs that tell a vivid story of the area. Don’t miss the interactive exhibits, which bring history to life with interactive displays and activities. Experience the past and live in a piece of history without ever leaving Mobile!  Oakleigh House Museum is a must-see destination for any budding historian. Browse around this site.

But Oakleigh House Museum isn’t just about looking back in time – it’s also a place to make new memories. The museum hosts fascinating workshops, educational programs and events throughout the year that are sure to delight all ages. There’s something for everyone, from movie screenings to art classes and even ghoulish ghost tours.