Every proposal we prepare will always reflect our best efforts to match the needs of your roof in regards to your budget, manufacturer, insurance, and code requirements. However, there are many ways that you can enhance the safety, longevity, function, and appearance of your new roof. Some of the enhancements we recommend for your roof installation are listed below:

  • Prep and paint gas lines to prevent corrosion
  • Walkway pads for high-traffic areas
  • Infrared scanning to identify deck damage
  • Power wash membrane after install to optimize reflectivity benefits
  • Interior protection
  • StarCare

Jobsite Enhancements

Even the best-surveyed roof and system design recommendation can sometimes be improved upon once we start and get into a project. Our experienced project managers will communicate these enhancements at the pre-construction meeting or as the job progresses, as soon as they recognize the opportunity. That’s just part of the value we bring to every project and customer.