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When heavy snowfall pushes weight limits on the roof to dangerous levels, it is imperative that the snow be removed to prevent a roof collapse. A roof collapse causes catastrophic building damage, endangers people’s lives, risks damaging or destroying building contents, halts or reduces productivity, and usually leads to huge financial losses. Even winter’s routine freeze/thaw cycle can contribute to roof defects that can cause your roof to leak and damage your property.

Pre-storm Program

This proactive program is for the building manager or owner who likes to minimize his or her chances of disaster.

  • Let us know 48 hours before the storm, and we’ll be ready when it hits.
  • Receive top priority response.
  • No holdups. One call and it’s done.
  • Custom snow removal plans are developed for each facility and snow event.

How Roof Snow Removal Works

All snow removal is to be completed on a time and materials basis. We reserve the right to assess each property on a location-to-location basis and in some cases, we may refuse to attempt the snow removal, should structural damage be evident, or if safety concerns cannot be rectified prior to the start of work.

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Local Snow Removal Service from a National Leader in Commercial Roofing.

Right now, our dedicated techs are out in force conducting snow load tests. This task is tough, dangerous and also important. Ensuring the roof of your facility maintains its structural integrity is our highest priority. That’s why we train to precision and work hard to keep everyone safe. Scroll to the bottom of this page to request snow removal service, or…

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According to FEMA’s Snow Load Safety Guide,

“Snow removal should be performed by a licensed, insured professional roofing contractor who has experience in removing snow from roofs.
Using a professional roofing contractor is highly recommended because of the contractor’s familiarity with safety protocols.”


Did you know the combined weight of two feet of old snow and two feet of fresh snow could be as high as 60 pounds per square foot of roof space?

While heavy snow is often the main cause of many commercial roof collapses, there are other contributing factors to consider:

  • Poor roof design
  • Poor construction
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Ponding water due to blocked drainage systems
  • Structures built prior to current building code requirements
  • Insulated roofs of older structures that prevent heat from melting snow and thereby contribute to snow load


Here’s a sample of benefits you can expect from choosing us to remove snow from your facility. Our crews are highly trained and fully equipped to safely remove snow from your warehouse, shopping center, manufacturing facility, distribution center, or store right now.