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4 Roof Winterization Tips You Cannot Miss

Winter is Right Around the Corner

Your roof is a critical and substantial part of your facility’s defense against the elements, and winter can wreak havoc on it. To maintain your roof’s integrity and fend off costly damage caused by bitter snow, ice and wind, check out these simple, do-it-yourself roof winterization tips offered by North American Roofing.

  1. Debris removal: clearing your roof and gutters of leaves, branches and other debris helps ensure proper drainage as ice begins to melt. While you may be able to some debris on the rooftop, proper fall protection equipment should be used when checking and clearing gutters or debris from the roof edge. Wearing heavy gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects, carefully remove debris piles from the roof and gutters. If possible, run water through cleared gutters to wash out remaining dirt buildup.
  2. Inspect gutters for wear and damage: after cleaning out gutters and downspouts, perform a visual inspection of your roof’s drainage system. Make a note of gutter cracks, rusty spots or holes, as you may soon need to fix these or hire someone to repair them. It is easier – and less expensive – to replace small portions of the gutter rather than waiting until extensive damage has occurred. It’s also important to ensure that your gutters and roof edge metal is securely fastened along each portion of your building’s perimeter.
  3. Inspect flashings and membrane: look for splits or punctures in the membrane and make sure there are no breaks or open seams in the flashings. Rain, wind and ice dams can cause extensive damage along roof seams and around the roof edge, so it’s important to ensure that everything is secure and that there are no flashing tears or membrane warping.
  4. Look for algae and vegetation growth: dark areas of lichen or roof algae don’t just affect your facility’s visual appeal. They are also an indicator that portions of your roof are damper than others, and over time, this continual moisture buildup may cause excessive membrane and structural wear. Keep an eye on these areas, and call a qualified roofing professional if you’re concerned about excessive water damage.

Protect Your Property – Inspect Your Roof Today

It’s important to remember that a thorough, winter maintenance program can prevent weather-related leaks, roofing decay and gutter damage–and will ultimately prolong the life of your roof.

However, if there are serious concerns about the condition of your roof or you simply need a professional to inspect it for you, we’re here to help. We offer a comprehensive inspection of your roofing and gutter systems so don’t risk further damage, call North American Roofing now.

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4 Roof Winterization Tips You Cannot Miss

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