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An Update from Our Roofing Warrior

The following is the second update from our roofing warrior. Click here to read the first update.

Hello everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am still doing good here, but I am missing all of you.

I spent my Thanksgiving in the middle of a 7-day mission. Thanksgiving day I was on mission for 16 hours, so I missed all of the hot meals and ate a MRE. LOL. On top of that we didn’t make it back before it got too dark so we had to find a spot to set up security and pulled an all-nighter. So, needless to say, Thanksgiving wasn’t the day I had hoped it would be but I guess it will always be a memory.

Things have slowed down a lot here as far as enemy contact; they typically slow down during the winter and pick back up in the summer so we’re enjoying it while it lasts. I think I found my first bomb the other day. I had a reading on my equipment that I interrogated and found it to be a legitimate threat. Our vehicle with the arm that digs up bombs came up and start to dig and the hydraulic lines busted. LOL. We just had to avoid the area because we couldn’t dig it out. So close! Haha.

Other than that the only real action we have seen is when we found a brand new Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and we blew it up ourselves. We have had 9 rocket attacks on the bases we have been at while we were there so we had to take cover.

As crazy as all that sounds, I still feel really safe. I guess I have a shield of protection around me from those that I love and I really appreciate all the prayers you guys are sending up for me.

I love you all and I miss you.

You guys stay safe and don’t get any bad paper cuts, LOL.

– Tommy

North American Roofing would like to thank our Roofing Warrior, and all the brave men and women who fight to keep our country free.

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An Update from Our Roofing Warrior

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