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Case Study: HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Re-Roof

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Arlington
Arlington, TX l 4/3/2013
63,744 sq. ft. l 60-mil LaserWeld® TPO 

After 20 years, the ballasted EPDM roof on the HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Arlington, Texas was nearing the end of its useful life. Energy costs were a major concern and it was obvious the new system needed to be reflective. HealthSouth Corporation, chose North American Roofing to replace the old roof, based on our reputation, our experience and our competitive price.


Because the HealthSouth facility houses patients and staff round-the-clock, maintaining a consistent interior environment was essential. Our specialists recommend a custom application of isocyanurate (ISO) insulation to reduce HealthSouth’s climate-control costs by giving the roof maximum thermal resistance. The client selected North American Roofing’s private label, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), LaserWeld, a fusible, synthetic membrane prized for its highly reflective, UV resistance and excellent wind uplift resistance.


The goal was to remove the old roof and install the new roof as quickly as possible, without disrupting the hospital’s day-to-day operations. We used minimally invasive removal and installation techniques. HealthSouth had their new roof system in 30 days!

  • ROOF TEAR-OFF: North American Roofing crews used special vacuums to safely remove the loose gravel from the existing ballasted roof. Next, we removed the old EPDM roof system, stripping off everything down to the existing insulation. All wall and curb flashings were removed as well.
  • INSULATION STAGE: After ensuring deck and insulation integrity, crews installed an additional layer of ISO totaling 4.5″ over the steel deck. To ensure proper drainage between the roof drains and at the high sides of the curbs, crews mechanically anchored 1/2-inch per foot tapered insulation.
  • TPO MEMBRANE INSTALLATION: Over the custom insulation layer, crews mechanically attached North American Roofing’s private label, 60-mil, LaserWeld TPO membrane. To meet HealthSouth’s specific needs, we installed over 1,850 linear feet of protective service walkways, creating access to HVAC units and to other areas of the roof.


The HealthSouth project was a success because we met and exceeded the customer’s expectations. In 30 days, from start to finish, we completely removed the old roof and installed a new roof, while HealthSouth carried on business as usual. The customer received a new high quality, energy efficient TPO roof and a 20-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty that fit their budget and met their facility needs.

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Case Study: HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital Re-Roof

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