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Benefits of a White Thermoplastic (TPO) Membrane Roof

If you’ve been thinking about a cool roof for a while, you’ve undoubtedly come across the term “TPO,” which is short for Thermoplastic polyolefin. One of the fastest growing roofing systems around, white thermoplastic membrane offers reduced cooling costs and energy savings for facilities located in warm climates. White and light-colored thermoplastic roof membranes feature extraordinary tensile strength with a high level of puncture resistance and superior solar reflectivity. White TPO is a durable, versatile and cost-effective solution for both new roofs and re-roofing projects, and with minimal maintenance requirements, white TPO just might be the right choice for your facility.

Green Benefits of TPO Membranes

When the roof is cooler — naturally, the interior of your building remains cooler. White TPO reflects harsh sun-rays instead of absorbing them so you will spend less money keeping your facility cool during hot summer months. White TPO meets and often exceeds the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR specifications. In addition to energy savings, TPO is 100% recyclable. As a bonus, TPO’s combination of green benefits can also help you meet your LEED point objectives and potentially qualify for tax credits in certain regions.

TPO Membrane Installation

Wide-width TPO membrane produces a cleaner and smoother roof surface than other types of roofing systems, which makes it more efficient at resisting dirt and debris build up. The wider membrane sheets also cut down on installation time. TPO can be mechanically attached or fully adhered, but heat welding creates an impermeable surface for superior seam strength, enhanced wind uplift resistance and the best leak protection around.

Thicker is Better

When considering a white TPO roof, keep in mind that thicker is better. White thermoplastic membranes are available in thicknesses ranging from 45 mils to 80 mils. You’ll pay a little more for thicker membrane, but compare it to applying sunscreen before you head out for fun in the sun. A thin layer protects — but a thick layer provides a strong, dense shield that blocks nearly all UV rays and lasts longer. Opting for thicker TPO is an investment in the life and value of your building. The slightly higher initial cost pales in comparison to the energy and damage-repair savings you’ll realize over the life of your roof.

We Know TPO

North American Roofing has been a pioneer in the commercial single-ply roofing industry since 1979. We’re not only certified to install all the major brands, every year we receive top honors for being one of the best professional roofing companies in the nation due to our TPO roof system installations.

To find out whether white TPO is a good choice for your facility, call us today at 800-551-5602 and let’s discuss the best solution for your commercial roofing needs.

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Benefits of a White Thermoplastic (TPO) Membrane Roof

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