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Worker Safety in Extreme Temperatures

Commercial Roof Installation Orlando FL

Worker safety during roof installation is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to extremely hot temperatures. High temperatures pose […]

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Jobsite Safety is Priority #1

Hurricane Prep Matthew Florida 2

The safety of our our client’s employees and every member of our crews is always our top priority. Period. One […]

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Top 5 Tips: How-to Avoid Roofing Scams After the Storm

How To Avoid Roofing Contractor Scams 325px

How to Spot Contractor Scams and Avoid Getting Taken Advantage of After the Storm In the coming days, you are […]

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Executive Insight – Rooftop Safety

0u7b0688 1024x682

Rooftop Safety is more than just following OSHA guidelines.  It’s our #1 priority. Last week our leadership team came together […]

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Snow Removal before Roof Collapse

2016 Us Weather Map

Get prepared for winter now – plan for your snow removal. A fresh, lofty snow can add 20 lbs. of […]

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Know Safety, No Falls – Stand Down for Safety to Prevent Falls in Construction

Stand Down Postcard

An Open Letter From Our Safety Director It is with great excitement that North American Roofing Services, Inc. joins OSHA […]

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Rooftop Safety – Roof & Worker Protection

Rooftop safety practices should cover everyone that gets on the facility roof, including pedestrians, clients, the maintenance crew, subcontractors and employees. […]

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