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When Elastomeric Roof Coating is a Good Option

When your facility roof needs a pick-me-up but you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks to replace it – applying an elastomeric roof coating  might be the best option. Roof coatings can extend roof life and they are suitable for many types of roofs, including single-ply, metal, built-up roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen systems. When professionally applied, elastomeric roof coating can protect your roof for years.

High quality roof coating provides a seamless surface with low-temperature flexibility to reduce the risk of leaks. Enhanced with solar protectants, a coated roof blocks and reflects UV rays, which can otherwise deteriorate the substrate. Short of installing a new roof, nothing will improve your roof’s appearance like new roof coating.

Light and quick to install, roof coating does not add weight to an already-stressed roof load. Major roof coating manufacturers offer 5-10 year, or longer, limited warranties for professionally applied coatings.

High Reflectivity for Cutting Cooling Costs

Keeping facilities cool in hot weather is a major undertaking in some climates. With the application of a highly reflective coating that directs harsh sunrays away from the roof, you can reduce your cooling costs and the work-demand on your HVAC units. While individual savings depend on facility’s size, location, and the amount of insulation in the roof, managers can realize a payback on coating installation costs in as little as three years. At North American Roofing, we can help you estimate how much energy you will save based on your facility and the type of coating you choose.

Choosing Increased Fire Resistance

Special fire-resistant ingredients in some roof coatings add another element of protection when applied to metal, BUR, modified bitumen, EPDM and TPO roof systems. When exposed to intense heat, a chemical reaction occurs that creates a non-combustible carbon layer to retard the spread of flames. Fire-retardant coatings are available with high reflectivity to do double duty in protecting your facility and reducing your energy costs.

How Cool is That?

While the main goal is obviously to protect your roof from wind damage and rain, “cool roof” coatings also meet ENERGY STAR and LEED credit requirements. They do not contribute to detrimental “urban island” effect, and most coatings are low VOC, which minimizes their impact on the environment and on workers who access the rooftop.

Finding a Roof Coating Contractor

At North American Roofing, we will carefully investigate your facility and factor in your needs and your budget to determine if roof coating is the best choice for you. Not all coatings are right for all types of roofs, and applying roof coating is not a do-it-yourself project. Choosing the wrong product, or not installing it to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, can end up costing you more money to repair. Our trained professionals install high-quality roof coatings, matched to your facility, to ensure that you get the most benefit and protection. For more information about roof coatings, or for any other roof-related concerns, call us today at (800) 551-5602.

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When Elastomeric Roof Coating is a Good Option

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