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Executive Insight – Roof Service Contracts

Know what to look for when implementing a Roof Service Contract.

We continue to get a lot of response to our blog posts on the importance of preventative maintenance.  Obviously, we are big supporters of taking a proactive and preventative approach to the overall state of your roof specifically because a well-maintained roof is easier for us to deal with.  However, establishing a roof maintenance plan can be tricky.  Reading all that fine print and making sure the contract keeps your best interests in mind can be difficult to navigate.  Here are some things we recommend asking your service provider when establishing your roof maintenance plan.

How long does the contract last? The duration of an agreement can last for one year or multiple years.  Know how long you want to commit to a specific service provider.  If the company can provide reliable references and can show a history of successful service, then signing up for multiple years makes sense.  However, if they can’t, it might be better to start with a shorter time period in order to test the waters with their abilities.

What does it cover?  This is particularly important.  Some service contracts may only cover bi-annual inspections – once in the spring and once in the fall.  Of course, any good service agreement should at least cover these two things.  But understand if damage is discovered during those inspections, will the contract cover preventative maintenance or is that service an extra charge.  If preventative maintenance is included, is there a Not To Exceed (NTE) number specified?  If not, make sure there is.  This puts a cap on roofing service expenditures until further information can be provided.  It is also good to understand if the contract will cover labor AND materials.  Sometimes, service contractors can only vouch for the materials and will bill you for the labor.

Can the contractor cover ALL or just part of my facilities?  If you have multiple facilities spread across the country, it is beneficial to utilize a roofing contractor that can service all your properties.  This can save you time from having to contact multiple providers and save you money through volume discounting.  In addition, it helps to have a service contractor that can handle all sorts of weather – from damaging hail in the Midwest to snow loads in the Northeast.  One-stop shopping makes your life easier.

Overall, it is always good to choose a contractor with a well–established history and a customer-oriented focus.  This will ensure that you are getting the best possible service from a trusted source.  What are the things you look for in your service agreements?  Is there something that you ask for every time?  Join the conversation.  We welcome and encourage your feedback.

-Kelly Wade, COO

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Executive Insight – Roof Service Contracts

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