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Fall is the Best Time for Roof Replacement

If you’re thinking about a roof replacement on your commercial or industrial facility, fall is by far the best time to handle it. The timing and weather cannot be better. It’s not too hot anymore but it’s still warm enough to allow flashings to seal and the membrane to settle before the cold weather arrives. Wait a few more months and it will be too late.

It is obvious that winter is the most challenging time for roof material and systems. Make sure your roof is in good shape before the snow, freezing rain and gusty winds arrive.

Even the smallest problem might turn into a disaster when you have a lot of snow covering your roof. If you’re not sure whether your roof is in good condition, arrange for an inspection by a professional roofer. If you see obvious signs of aging on your roof, don’t wait!

When Leaks are Visible, It Might be too Late

Even if you don’t see any leaks inside your facility, it doesn’t mean that the roof is not leaking. Usually a roof leak has been happening for several months before you see water stains inside. Don’t let water damage your insulation or decking – a complete roof tear-off and replacement is extremely expensive.

Contact North American Roofing, the most trusted and respected roofing company in the U.S., for a free inspection of your facility’s roof today.

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Fall is the Best Time for Roof Replacement

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