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NARSI honored with Firestone’s President’s Club Award

North American Roofing recently earned recognition as  Firestone’s President’s Club Master Contractor for its high volume of quality installed commercial and industrial roofing from leading materials manufacturer Firestone Building Products (a division of Firestone Diversified Products, which is a subsidiary of the world’s largest tire and rubber company Bridgestone). Chris Mincey, Firestone Director of Corporate Accounts, was at North American Roofing’s corporate headquarters in Asheville, NC recently to present the award to North American Roofing’s CEO, Brian Verble.

“We are thrilled to work with such a great group of people,” Firestone’s Mincey said in presenting the award to Brian and the entire corporate staff. “Brian has brought in a strategic management team while promoting experienced long standing employees so Firestone believes strongly this is only the beginning of this prestigious President’s Club status for North American.”

Already a Master Contractor, an award given to Firestone’s top 250 contractors nationwide, North American Roofing has now elevated to President’s Club Master Contractor, one of only 30 in the country. This status is reviewed annually.

“Receiving this award illustrates our position in the roofing industry as a top national contractor and reinforces our strong partnership with Firestone,” Verble said. “I give credit to our hardworking employees and their steadfast commitment to North American, as well as the strong support Firestone has provided. This is what has allowed us to be recognized as one of the most elite contractors in the country.”

Firestone Building Products has a unique history with North American Roofing. The founder of North American Roofing, Carl E. Verble, was working as a commercial developer in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1979, and created an in-house roofing division. Carl saw an opportunity to partner with Firestone, having Firestone manufacture the EPDM material and North American Roofing install it. Both Firestone Building Products and North American Roofing were born through this partnership. Firestone Building Products presently boasts a full line of roofing including EPDM, TPO, metal, asphalt, modular and green systems, as well as insulations and a full line of roofing accessories.

“It is personally rewarding for our family to receive this award,” Verble stated, “nearly 30 years after our grandfather started the initial relationship with Firestone. I look forward to seeing our names together as respected industry leaders for many more years to come.”

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NARSI honored with Firestone’s President’s Club Award

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