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Flat, TPO Re-Roof Project Profile in Charlotte, NC

Project Profile: STERIGENICS – Charlotte, NC
65,549 sf

Sterigenics was facing the typical problem facilities have when their roofs are 25 years old, leaks. A lot of the flashing around the HVAC units and skylights had deteriorated and was letting water underneath the membrane. After inspecting the existing insulation, we determined not all the insulation was damaged or wet so we were able to salvage most of it, reducing the overall cost of the project.

They were happy with the previous TPO roof system’s chemical resistance, reflectivity and durability so we specified a mechanically attached re-cover with GAF’s 60-mil TPO membrane. We tore off all 65,549 square feet of the existing membrane and replaced the wet insulation as needed. Since there is a lot of foot traffic on the roof we installed walkpads at all the HVAC units for added durability. All the parapet walls, scuppers, curbs and penetrations were re-flashed and Sterigenics got a brand new TPO re-roof. GAF Inspectors rated this roof system a perfect 10 on their visit, and we were able to give them a 20 year warranty.

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Flat, TPO Re-Roof Project Profile in Charlotte, NC

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