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Hiring a roofing contractor

Hiring a Roofing Contractor for Your Facility? Keep in Mind These Essentials

Climate and time put a lot of wear and tear on the roof of any industrial or commercial facility, but sooner or later it becomes necessary to repair or replace even the sturdiest of roofs. Assembling the funds is only the first step a facility manager or building owner must take when arranging such a project. To make sure the job is done right, hiring a roofing contractor with the proper qualifications is vital.

Long-Term Savings

When considering contractors, it can be tempting to go for the lowest bid. However, while this may save your business capital in the short term, over time such a decision can have a high total price tag. In order to offer a bid below cost, the materials used could be cheaper than is required, or the contractor may be uninsured, leaving you with little recourse should the work later fail. By seeking out a qualified contractor, you can have confidence in your facility’s future.

Researching Candidates

To be certain you’re hiring a roofing contractor with the right qualifications for your project, investigate possible candidates, just as you would when hiring for any internal position. Reputable contractors should have a dedicated business listing online or in local directories, as well as a permanent address. Most of them also maintain websites with additional information, and are often members of trade or professional organizations. There are several additional factors a qualified roofing contractor should possess:

  • Insurance: At a minimum, a contractor should have general liability and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Manufacturer certification: Many roofing products require a certified contractor to handle installation, or else the manufacturer’s warranty may not be valid.
  • Licenses: Check what the licensing requirements are for your state or county, and verify with the local licensing board that the contractor holds up-to-date licenses and can pull any necessary building permits.

Recommendations and References

One way to confirm reliability when hiring a roofing contractor is to ask for recommendations, either from manufacturers and other contractors, or from facility managers at other companies. It’s also a good plan to request at least three references from any contractor you intend to use. While you can expect these to be satisfied customers with little negative to say, contacting them can give you a better idea of what the contractor is like to work with. Reading online reviews may also provide a more complete picture of the contractor’s reputation.

Industrial  and commercial facility roof repairs or replacements can be costly projects. To ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, contact us to learn more about hiring a roofing contractor with the right expertise and qualifications.

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Hiring a roofing contractor

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