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Hurricane Florence Storm Response Local Commercial Roofing Company Near Me

Hurricane Florence – Commercial Roofing Service Update

What to Expect & How to Get Your Roof Inspected After the Storm

Currently, North American Roofing crews are safely mobilized and ready to respond across every state affected by Hurricane Florence.

Once roads are cleared and after authorities permit vehicle traffic, customers can expect the following to occur immediately after you submit a dispatch request.

  • Enter dispatch requests immediately
  • Coordinate response and provide customer with a Dispatch ID number
  • Dispatch crews when crews can safely travel and access the roof
  • Find a solution and then begin to address repair needs and leaks
  • Communicate with the customer immediately if temporary repairs were made or if another contractor is required (HVAC, plumbing, electric, etc.)
  • Report and provide accurate quotes on all major repairs
  • Provide photo-documented reports showing conditions and work completed so you can file your claim quickly!

For upfront rates and peace of mind, call your North American Roofing Account Manager. You can also call us directly or submit an online request using the buttons below.

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Hurricane Florence – Commercial Roofing Service Update

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