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Keeping Your Data Center Cool with the Right Roof

The Right Roofing System for Your Data Center Could Save You on Energy Costs

One of the primary logistical problems associated with large data centers is the heat generated by servers and other machinery. The same machines that generate heat need to be kept cool in order to function properly, which leads to a potentially energy-inefficient cycle. The more machines your data center operates the hotter it gets, and, consequentially, the more power you need to expend cooling the space. While the vast majority of data centers will need some kind of artificial cooling system, such as air conditioning, there are also a few steps you can take to assist your cooling efforts naturally. One of the most effective of these is a cool roof.

Why the Roof Matters

The roof of your data center is the only thing standing between the equipment within and the rays of the sun. When the sun beats down on the roof all day, it has the potential to significantly raise the temperature of the building inside. This is especially true in a warm, sunny climate like California or Texas where many data centers in the US are located. In addition, certain roofing materials absorb heat and trap it inside, keeping the interior of the building warm even after the sun has gone down.

How Your Roof Affects Temperature

The actual effect the roof has on the temperature inside the building depends on a number of factors. Certain materials are more conductive, which means they trap heat more readily. Colors can also affect the temperature of the roof, with dark colored roofs, including those covered in tar paper, conducting more heat. Finally, the amount of sun the roof gets during the day can also affect the temperature, with a certain degree of shade in the morning or evening offering protection from the heat.

Creating a Cool Roof

A white or light color roof reflects sunlight rather than trapping it, so having a professional roofing team change the color of your roof can actually keep your data center cooler and save your money on energy costs. Those looking for more advanced roofing solutions may also want to consider roof gardens that absorb some of the heat from the sun, or sun shades that stretch across the roof to protect it.

Learn more about how efficient roofing can lower the costs of operating your data center. Give North American Roofing a call at 866-295-5401 today to schedule a consultation.

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Keeping Your Data Center Cool with the Right Roof

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