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Metal Roofing Retrofit

Replace Your Metal Roofing System with a TPO Flute Fill System

Metal roofing systems are known for their architectural beauty and their ability to withstand most elements.  But even metal roofs, over time, can show signs of wear.  Extensive exposure to extreme weather, UV exposure, and debris buildup will eventually take their toll on even the most well-maintained metal roof.  The constant expansion and contraction of the metal under these harsh conditions can result in loose seams, rust and corrosion and will ultimately cause roof leaks and roof failure.   While there are lots of quick remedies to these issues including waterproof coatings, these are only temporary and can still be quite costly.

Instead consider replacing your metal roofing system with a TPO Flute Fill System.  These metal roofing retrofit solutions can provide a highly reflective membrane with increased energy efficiency, as well a
s Flute Fill EPS for improved insulation.  Flute Fill EPS is a closed-cell, lightweight, rigid insulation board designed to fit in the valleys of the existing metal roof.  It can provide additional R-value to the building as well as dimensional stability for an added layer of insulation above it.  If required, insulation can be added to even further enhance the R-value of the building and maintain a more consistent building temperature.

After the Flute Fill and any additional insulation are added to the building, the single-ply TPO membrane is attached by mechanical attachments or RhinoBond System attachments for added wind ratings.  The TPO membrane provides a water resistance barrier with UV and puncture protection.   Heat welded seams offer leak-free security and are stronger than the membrane itself.    The end result is a tough, durable roofing system able to withstand extreme weather conditions without the cost of tearing off the old metal roof.

By retrofitting your metal roof to a TPO Flute Fill System, you can:

  • Improve energy efficiency and save money on heating and cooling bills
  • Improve the interior building environment with a more insulated and regulated atmosphere
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Minimize noise levels from hail and hard rains
  • Protect your employees, inventory and equipment
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Metal Roofing Retrofit

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