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Preventative Maintenance

Roof Cleaning: Why, When, and How it Should Be Done

With spring’s arrival comes the need for commercial roof cleaning for many businesses. Spring is the best time of year to have roofs professionally cleaned and repaired because of the favorable weather conditions. A roof that has been covered in snow and exposed to cold temperatures for so long can negatively impact an organization’s operations. Expensive repairs and higher than average heating and cooling expenses are just some of the ways that business owners can expect to use their resources when they neglect to clean and maintain their roofs. To prevent roofing issues from becoming an unwanted and unplanned expense, here are actions you can take to keep your facility’s roof clean.

  • Inspect damage. Look for damage to the structure, as well as the roofing membrane. It is important to look for punctures and tears in the membrane. Inspect and ensure that wind and winter ice has not negatively affected the membrane and caused it to become compromised. If you notice any holes or trouble areas, you need to contact a commercial roofing company to come out and service your roof.
  • Remove debris. Branches, leaves, trash, and other materials on the roof must be removed. If debris is not removed from the roof’s surface, it can blow around and cause punctures and tears to the membrane. Debris can also cause drains to clog, creating water drainage and puddling issues that can lead to further and more severe roof issues. Inspect and clean all gutters, roof drains, overflow drains and scuppers to ensure a free flow of rainwater.
  • Clean the roof. A clean roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also improves the performance of the membrane. A dirty membrane leads to a higher surface temperature than a clean white roof. Always check with your local municipality prior to washing a roof in order to avoid potential violations of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans or SWPPPs. Certain municipalities may require additional steps in order to avoid the water getting into the storm sewers or dispensed on the ground.
  • Hire a commercial roof cleaning company to get the most of your organization’s roof. Each manufacturer provides a set of guidelines for cleaning the roof which should be strictly followed in order to maintain the warranty.

Flat roofs are more likely to be compromised from the elements due to their positioning. Also, dark colored roofs are less likely to show signs of dirt, but they do show signs of discoloration very well. Energy consumption is a major expense that helps to keep the inside of your facility comfortable for workers and guests. A roof that is properly maintained will reduce your organization’s energy expenses so you can allocate those resources to other areas.

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Roof Cleaning: Why, When, and How it Should Be Done

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