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TPO and Coating Re-Roof Project in NC

RockTenn Roof Replacement
Marion, NC
222,216 sq. ft. GAF TOPCOAT
54,480 sq. ft. GAF 60-mil EverGuard TPO

RockTenn, a national packaging and corrugated products manufacturer was looking for an energy-efficient, long-term roofing solution for their 276,696 sq. ft., newly purchased facility in Marion, North Carolina. Preliminary inspections revealed numerous issues with a 54,480 sq. ft. section of the old roof, including abundant leaks, soaked insulation and the presence of a large amount of non-friable asbestos-containing material (ACM). The remaining 222,216 sq. ft. was salvageable but needed additional protection from the elements.

The multi-faceted project included the tear off and disposal of the asbestos insulation on the badly damaged 54, 480 sq. ft. section in accordance with OSHA and EPA regulations. Because the renovated facility will be climate controlled, North American Roofing then mounted a 3-inch layer of polyisocyanurate (ISO) insulation before installing reflective, energy-efficient, GAF 60-mil EverGuard® thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing, complete with a 20-year, no dollar limit (NDL) warranty. The TPO and coating re-roof project was a great fit for RockTenn’s situation.

We fitted 24-gauge metal roof edge around the roof perimeter and installed single-cleated coping around the parapet walls. To ensure proper drainage, we ran 22-gauge metal guttering, fitted with 24-gauge, heavy-duty downspouts.

On the remaining roof sections, we applied GAF’s TOPCOAT® elastomeric roofing membrane to seal and waterproof the standing seam metal. With high tensile strength and solar reflectivity, TOPCOAT® was the best solution for seamless protection over the existing metal roof.

Since RockTenn decided to install a new HVAC system at the same time, North American Roofing filled in existing voids from previous tenants and flashed in the new HVAC components and penetrations.

RockTenn wanted to replace the damaged roof section and protect the rest of the viable roofing. With a focus on energy efficiency, North America Roofing was able to offer a cost-effective dual solution that solved both problems.

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TPO and Coating Re-Roof Project in NC

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