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We’re A Firestone Master Contractor, AGAIN!

We’re excited to announce that once again, we’ve received Firestone’s Master Contractor award in 2012 for outstanding quality performance and commitment to the installation of Firestone Red Shield warranted roofing systems.

North American Roofing has a long history with Firestone, playing a big role in their decision to enter the roofing industry over 30 years ago. Since it’s inception, the Firestone Master Contractor program has recognized outstanding contractors who have been responsible for the installation of billions of square feet of warranted Firestone Roofing Systems.

High quality workmanship and a commitment to long-term roofing system performance are the attributes of a Firestone Master Contractor. This is an annual award that recognizes the owners of Firestone’s top achieving contractor firms in North and Latin America who meet Firestone’s criteria for determining the best of the best.

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We’re A Firestone Master Contractor, AGAIN!

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