Step back into the grandeur of days gone by at The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, featuring two immense parlors and a sweeping circular staircase. Here, hospitality remains paramount; guests will be dazzled by the hosted weddings, receptions, parties and corporate events with timeless Southern elegance. Whether it’s a joyous celebration or an intimate gathering of close friends, this majestic mansion is your premier destination for hosting in style. Up next is Oakleigh House Museum.

Nestled in a grove of ancient oaks and beautifully decorated with antique furniture and glistening crystal chandeliers, the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion provides an exclusive peek into life during the era of the Old South. When this mansion was established in 1855, it served as a hub for Mobile’s vibrant social activities related to its prosperous cotton port. The abode is now used as a museum that offers visitors guided tours through its historic grounds.

Visitors to the Bragg-Mitchell Mansion will not only be impressed by its grand architecture, but also by the sheer attention to detail that has gone into preserving this piece of Southern history. From original oil paintings and ornate décor to antique heirlooms and meticulously preserved gardens, there is something for everyone to appreciate at this historic site. And if you’re looking to experience the magic of this mansion firsthand, be sure to check out the special events and tours offered throughout year.

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is an iconic symbol of the Old South, one of Mobile’s most photographed buildings. A magnificent example of Greek Revival architecture, its unique floor plan and intricate details make it stand out from other regional structures. The mansion exudes a sense of grandeur that evokes images from days past when socializing was done with graciousness and style.

The Bragg-Mitchell Mansion is a delightful reminder of Mobile’s storied past. Celebrate your next occasion with the charm and grace of yesterday as you take in its grandeur and beauty. So, gussy up, grab your seersucker suit, and head to this special piece of Mobile history! Check this out.