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Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company after a Bad Experience


An experience with an unscrupulous contractor can make you leery of all roofing companies and prevent you from seeking out a company you can trust. At North American Roofing, we’ve taken calls from frustrated facility managers who dumped big bucks into recent roof replacements or extensive repairs, only to have their roofs start leaking shortly afterward.

If this story sounds all too familiar, you probably called the roofing company only to find out that they would not stand behind their work – or worse – they’ve packed up and left town, leaving you without a manufacturer’s certification or any way to recoup some of your loss. We’ve heard too many of these tragic stories. While we can’t turn back time, we can teach you how to distinguish a good roofing contractor from a bad one so you never have to go through that experience again.

Company Specialty

Not all roofing contractors are commercial roofing contractors. Most roofing companies, in fact, install residential roofs and do not have the knowledge or experience to successfully install or repair low-slope commercial roofs. Do your due diligence. Just because a roofing company advertises on their website that they work on commercial roofs, doesn’t mean they specialize in commercial roofs. Too often, a small residential roofing company accepts a commercial roofing job but then lacks the equipment and expertise to put on a quality roof. Before hiring a roofing company, make sure they specialize in commercial roofs and that they have a long list of satisfied customers.

Manufacturer Certification

Top roofing system manufacturers regularly present awards and certifications to commercial roofing companies that successfully install their products. One of the best measures of a roofing company’s reputation and professionalism is reflected in the manufacturer certifications they hold. High quality manufacturers like Firestone Building Products, GAF, Johns Manville and Carlisle only certify top roofing contractors who install their systems with a high level of customer service and a minimum of callbacks. By contracting with a manufacturer-certified contractor, you will receive a better roof and a longer warranty.

Regional Knowledge

Roofing needs in Billings Montana are different from roofing needs in New Orleans. Your contractor must take into account design, height, prevailing weather patterns, intended facility use and roofing budget. Ask your contractor to explain how your roofing system can meet FM Global standards. A reputable roofing contractor will guide you toward the best roofing system for your location, which could include things like minimum insulation requirements or enhanced wind and hail resistance.

Customer Service

A reputable roofing company puts your interests first. At North American Roofing, we know how hard it can be to choose a roofing contractor after you’ve had a bad experience. That’s why we invite you to check out our case studies, ask about our certifications, and contact the manufacturers of the roofing systems we install. We’re an open book. We’re the third largest commercial roofing company in the U.S. and we’re the most trusted and respected roofing contractor in the nation. Don’t let a bad experience keep you from taking steps to protect your roof. Call us today at (800) 551-5602.



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Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company after a Bad Experience

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