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Category: Common Roof Problems

Commercial Roof Maintenance – Keeping Gutters and Drains Clean in the Fall

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In the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of inspecting your facility roof, performing periodic maintenance […]

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The Difference is Quality

How Not To Seal Commercial Roofing

To us, “Service” is more that a word. Every day, our Rapid-Response Roof Techs are called in to repair what […]

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How Faulty HVAC Units Affect Commercial Roofing Systems

Hvac Leaks

Roof Problems Caused by HVAC Units Pose Potential Risks to Your Roof’s Integrity. Facility and plant managers have a lot […]

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Roof Moisture

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Types of Moisture in Low-Slope Roofing Systems The owners of commercial and industrial buildings owe it to themselves to learn […]

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Commercial Roof Leak

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Signs of Commercial Roof Leaks at Your Facility If you own or manage a facility, it is important to have […]

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Before the Spring Storms: Roof Checklist for Facility Managers


Sometimes, winter’s cold grasp morphs into powerful spring storms without much of a break between the two. For the flowers […]

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Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company after a Bad Experience


An experience with an unscrupulous contractor can make you leery of all roofing companies and prevent you from seeking out […]

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The Benefits of Infrared Scanning

Commercial Roofing Company in Tampa FL from North American Roofing

Leaks are your roof’s number one enemy, and if you don’t catch them early, they can result in the need […]

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Winter Effects on Your Commercial Roof

Heavy snows, cold temperatures, and other winter effects send most facility managers indoors to focus on maintaining a comfortable interior […]

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Pre-Winter Roof Inspections Can Reduce Utility Costs

There’s still time to reduce your seasonal utility costs before Old Man Winter sets in for good. Many parts of […]

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How HVAC Units Can Hurt Your Roof

No one wants to stay in a sweltering-hot building — so keeping workers and tenants comfortably cool is high on […]

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Escape Winter Roof Woes with Fall Maintenance Measures

Commercial Roofing Company in Tampa FL from North American Roofing

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your facility roof for the coming cold. In many regions of the U.S., […]

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