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The Economic Impact of Roof Leaks

The Economic Impact of Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are arguably the biggest factor leading to costly roof repairs and the need for roof replacement. Because your building’s roof takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s brute force, it typically does not last as long as the rest of your building’s structural and mechanical elements. Unlike the minimal effects of normal wear and tear on the building’s frame, flooring or interior finish, roof leaks can have a devastating effect on many areas of your building.

You’ve heard it before. The most important way to protect your building and your business is to be proactive when it comes to roof maintenance. If your roof is in good shape now, you might think you can put off routine maintenance for a while. The truth is – there’s never a better time to start taking care of your roof than when it’s still in good condition. Because roof leaks can go undetected until they’ve done major damage to the roof’s structure and everything below it, a single leak can have a big economic impact on your business.

Building Contents and Interior Damage

The insidious drip…drip…drip of a small roof leak can go undetected for months, allowing the invisible trickle to saturate partition wall framing and roof insulation leading to mold growth and dry rot. By the time you see visible signs of a leak, such as stained ceiling tiles or wet carpeting, there’s a good chance the water did additional unseen damage. Replacing ruined interior contents and paying a mold remediation expert to make your building safe for workers and customers once again is often cost-prohibitive.

Facility owners and managers can suffer major losses in inventory rooms, storage closets and other areas that aren’t frequently monitored if water finds a way in. A single roof leak can cost a store owner tens of thousands of dollars in damaged merchandise.

Business Interruptions

Walking into your building one morning to find standing water is a nightmare. Shutting down operations until the leak can be fixed is like rubbing salt in the wound. Operational downtime translates into lost revenue and lost profits.

Cost of a Maintenance Program vs. Cost of Roof Leak Expenses

Neglecting your roof is a one-way ticket to premature roof replacement. It can be tempting to put off professional inspections and maintenance when you think the roof is in good shape. The cost of enrolling in a professional inspection and maintenance program, however, is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs you’ll incur to repair the damage caused by roof leaks.

At North American Roofing, we put our clients’ needs ahead of everything else. That’s why we’ve developed the RoofGuard™ Preventative Maintenance program. We understand that roof maintenance isn’t your specialty, so we’ve made it easy for you. When you enroll a facility in the RoofGuard™ program, we take care of everything. We schedule the roof inspections, and we perform the maintenance and repairs to keep your roof in good condition for the longest time possible. We’ll stop leaks before they get started, and if a leak occurs, you’ll receive priority response to get it fixed.

Don’t gamble with your business. Call us today at 866-567-2064 to find out more about the RoofGuard™ program and how you can reduce the financial impact of roof leaks.

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The Economic Impact of Roof Leaks

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