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Keeping Your Roof Warranty in Effect

You’ve invested a lot of money in your building’s roof and you probably have a multi-year roof warranty that you hope will protect your investment in the event of roof failure. Reputable roof system manufacturers offer warranties that last 15 to 20 years, or longer, but those warranties come with strict stipulations.

The Devil’s in the Details

While warranties vary from one manufacturer to the next, typically they protect the facility owner from issues related to roofing product defects. A reputable roofing company should also offer their own limited roof warranty on workmanship.

Most warranties pay a limited amount to the building owner if the roof fails and the cause is deemed the responsibility of the manufacturer. This could include reimbursement for materials to repair the damage but not the labor costs associated with the repairs.

Warranty Exclusions

The roof system manufacturer will only guarantee the materials it produces, such as pipe boots, TPO, EPDM, flashing components or edge details. The company that installs the roof must follow the manufacturer’s specs to a “T.” Unfortunately, if the company that installs your roof varies from the manufacturer’s directions, it can negatively affect the warranty.

Additional roof problems typically not covered by the manufacturer include damage caused by foot traffic, structural movement of the building and ponding water. Hail, tornadoes or other “acts of God” might not be covered.

Some warranties transfer with the sale of the building, but not all, so it is important to know and understand the limitations of your roof’s warranty. In some cases, changing the building’s use or altering the roof without prior approval, could void the warranty.

Inspections and Maintenance

A new roof might have to pass a professional inspection before the manufacturer issues a warranty. This is often done by an independent third-party or by an inspector that works for the manufacturer.

In order to keep a multi-year roof warranty in effect, the roofing manufacturer will require regular inspections by a reputable company a periodic upkeep. Maintenance is such an important part of roof longevity, that some manufacturers will extend their original warranties if the building owner enrolls in a certified professional maintenance program.

The company that inspects your roof is just as important as the company that installs your roof. Because our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, we offer enrollment in our exclusive RoofGuard Preventative Maintenance program. Even if we didn’t install your roof, we might be able to help you keep the warranty in effect.

Your Best Bet

Ultimately, the long-term success of a roof depends on the quality of the company that installs it. Choosing an unreliable roofing company can result in the roof system manufacturer not issuing a warranty, or refusing to stand behind one if the roof was not installed to specifications.

At North American Roofing, our professional installation teams are trained and experienced in installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing all major manufacturers’ roof systems. With more than three decades of working closely with customers and manufacturers, we know what it takes to keep your roof’s warranty in effect.

Call us today at 800-551-5602 for a professional roof assessment and information on how we can help you protect your roof investment.

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Keeping Your Roof Warranty in Effect

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