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8 Roof Edge Failure Factors

Low-slope roofs experience regular onslaughts from Mother Nature. High winds, torrential rains, intense UV rays and heavy snow loads can wreak havoc on a roof, especially at its edges.

Over half of all roof edge failure factors relate to problems at the perimeter of the roof. We’ve compiled 8 of the most common failure factors that strike roof edges and reduce roof life.

1. Failure to allow for expansion.

Metal roof edge expands and contracts with temperature changes. A professional roofing company should make provisions for future expansion at the time of installation. If the installation team skimps on the gauge of the metal, expansion damage is more likely.

2. Failure to install roof edge in accordance with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards.

Building codes require roofing companies to comply with minimum construction standards. If your roof edge does not meet ES-1 standards, the useful life of the roof is at risk.

3. Failure to use compatible metals.

The indiscriminate combination of certain metals, such as copper and galvanized metal, can trigger corrosion and shorten roof edge life.

4. Failure to use the right fasteners.

It’s essential that the roof edge installer use the correct fasteners for the type of roof edge being installed. Fasteners should resist corrosion and they should not pull out easily.

5. Failure at the flashing.

Flashing that does not offer adequate coverage of the nailing strip can lead to water damage beneath the flashing.

6. Failure to consider the local environment.

Different climates require the use of different types of roof edge. Galvanized metal or aluminum are not good choices for coastal regions where they can deteriorate quickly.

7. Failure to use a weather-resistant finish.

If the roof edge metal has been field-painted and the paint was not manufactured to withstand UV rays, it can fade or peel, leaving bare metal exposed.

8. Failure to use a high quality roofing installer.

In the long run, your roof is only as good as the company that installs it. The cheapest bid isn’t always the best. Failure to check the roofing company’s references and compare proposed scopes of work can result in a poorly installed roof and big repair costs.

At North American Roofing, the roofing systems we install stand the test of time and regularly outperform the roofs of our competitors. We didn’t get to be the most trusted and respected roofing company in the nation by cutting corners…or by ignoring edges.

We fabricate our own ES-1 certified roof edge metal, and we’re proud to offer our clients the best roof edge system around.

Give us a call today at 800-551-5602 to find out more about our high quality roof edge system and how we can help you protect your roof investment.

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8 Roof Edge Failure Factors

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