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Hvac Leaks

How Faulty HVAC Units Affect Commercial Roofing Systems

Roof Problems Caused by HVAC Units Pose Potential Risks to Your Roof’s Integrity.

Facility and plant managers have a lot on their plates, and keeping everyone who spends their days inside comfortable is a top priority. On top of most commercial buildings, you will find multiple HVAC units (hopefully) humming along nicely as they work to cool the inside of the building. As you might imagine, HVAC units that have to work efficiently as they endure the elements can lead to several issues that facility managers may have to deal with. While the benefits of having a cool building are numerous, HVAC roof problems can be exacerbated if you are unaware of the potential risks a faulty unit could pose.

Human Error

While it is easy to blame all of your HVAC roof problems on the unit itself, there are some issues that are caused by human error. Technicians who are not properly trained to identify issues with the unit may miss important signs that a well-trained tech would know signal the potential for a leak. If an HVAC technician is scheduled to stop by for routine maintenance, it may be a good idea to have your trusted roofing contractor and/or service provider join in on the inspection to see if there are any other underlying issues. Additionally, techs who are unaware of the right way to walk on an industrial roof can also cause damage. If your roofing system does not currently have walkway pads that direct people to your building’s HVAC units, the heavy foot traffic can cause punctures and future leaks. Make sure that anyone who gets on your roof knows to stay on those walkway pads.

Condensation & Pooling

When water pools around HVAC units, it can cause the membrane to deteriorate faster and often leads to leaks and other issues. You see, HVAC units that are in good working condition will constantly vaporize water and let that vapor escape into the air. However, a faulty unit that fails to vaporize the water will often lead to pooling water within the system. To solve this problem, your HVAC unit’s discharge system must be routinely checked to ensure excess condensation does not occur and spill out onto the roof.  Keeping drainage and through interior lines clear will keep moisture away from the roof and must be a part of any preventative maintenance program you consider.

Improper Installation

If your HVAC units were not installed correctly, it’s only a matter of time before serious consequences start plaguing your entire building. Some facility managers find that they have to repair the same leaks over and over again, only to realize that the problem lies within how the unit was installed in the first place. Any time a unit is installed, let your trusted commercial roofing contractor know as they will be able to provide you with some helpful guidance before and during the process.


HVAC unit problems are always frustrating. However, mitigating and solving those issues can be easier when you know all you have to do is pick up the phone and call the contractor you know and trust will be there for you. At North American Roofing, you can rely on our commitment to providing you with roofing service with integrity, 24/7/365. Want to learn more? Call us today at 800.551.5602.

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How Faulty HVAC Units Affect Commercial Roofing Systems

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