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Executive Insight – More Than Just New Year’s Resolutions

How North American Roofing Makes A New Year’s Resolution


Did you know that 45% of all Americans make a new year’s resolution?  And that out of that 45%, only 8% are successful at sticking to them.  Many companies do the same thing.  They attack the new year with the same fervor as someone on their first day of a new diet.  “This year is going to be better than ever!”  “This year we are going to increase sales by 150%.”   “This year we are going to REALLY focus on our customers!”

But as we all know, just like that dieter, many companies fizzle out on their resolutions before the end of January.   The staying power of any company-wide goal is only achieved by communication and commitment.  Leadership has to believe in the resolutions they are committing to and has to work with departments to develop an all-inclusive plan to achieve those goals.  In addition, the plan has to be communicated and reviewed periodically as well as have continuous support throughout the year.  And this is exactly how North American Roofing tackles our resolutions and goals every day.

This coming year we look to continue many of the goals we have already established within our corporate culture with the addition of a few new objectives.  We will invest even more in our people this year.  We have always hired based on character and talent and we will continue this practice as we grow in all departments.  We will continue to look at ways to attract and retain quality employees through unique benefits like our volunteer policy we implemented last year.  Our people will always be our biggest asset and by resolving to always seek out the best and the brightest, we will continue to flourish and succeed.

In addition to recruiting the best, we want to make sure we are giving our employees the best training opportunities in the industry.  We provide quarterly training to all our employees but we especially focus on the field, assessing skill sets biannually and training hard through the winter months to achieve parity of all crew members.  Better trained crews equal better installations and that makes for happy roofing customers.

Happy roofing customers is of course one of our continuing goals year over year.  Customer experience is everything to us and we strive EVERY DAY to make it exceptional.  From the technology we use to communicate better and faster with our customers to the thoroughness we provide in every proposal, our ultimate objective is to provide the best roof and the best roofing experience in the industry.

Of course, as any aspiring company should, we have lots more resolutions and goals than the few I have shared here.  And over the coming months, we hope to convey those with you through this Executive Insight page.   In the meantime, know that we have a plan for our New Year’s Resolutions.  We are all focused and committed to that plan and we are ready to start this New Year with the momentum of last year spurring us on.

Don’t forget to join the conversation.  Let us know how we are doing and what we can do better.

-Kelly Wade, COO

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Executive Insight – More Than Just New Year’s Resolutions

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