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Roof Moisture

Types of Moisture in Low-Slope Roofing Systems


The owners of commercial and industrial buildings owe it to themselves to learn as much as possible about the dangers that can impact the overall performance of their flat roofs. Roof moisture is just one of those dangers, and it’s one that appears in a few distinct ways. Learn just what they are and what you can do to protect your roof and its overall performance.

Small Amounts of Moisture Created by Occupants

A slight level of moisture is common in warehouses as well as office and retail businesses. What happens is warm air drifts upward along with moisture, trapping the moisture between the insulation and membrane of the roof. To keep this from happening, you’ll want to use staggered joints and at least two layers of insulation. If you’re only able to use a single layer of insulation, you can prevent roof moisture by using cover boards.

Moisture Created by Construction

Moisture can become a problem before a commercial building is even occupied. Painting, concrete curing and installing drywall have been known to release trapped moisture, so it’s important that you choose construction professionals who are familiar with the “belt and suspenders” approach to roofing and also use vapor barriers.

Large Amounts of Moisture Created by Occupants

Commercial buildings such as laundries and paper mills and those with swimming pools in them should be especially aware of low-slope roof moisture. As part of making an effort to prevent the buildup of condensation, you should also make sure your ventilation and air handling systems are designed to take care of harmful moisture working its way to your roof. For the best results, you’ll want to rely on the expertise of a building science pro.

With a business as large as yours, it’s essential that you take steps to mitigate roof moisture problems. Doing so can go a long way in helping to save you from a great deal of financial and mental frustration.

If you need any help identifying moisture problems in your facility or require assistance with a repair caused by excessive moisture, please contact us at 800-551-5602.

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Roof Moisture

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