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Commercial Roof Leak

Signs of Commercial Roof Leaks at Your Facility


If you own or manage a facility, it is important to have your roof checked on a regular basis to ensure it is fully operational. Such maintenance tasks are key to the smooth and safe daily operation of any enterprise. However, unless you have previous roofing contractor experience, you may not be able to spot the signs of a commercial roof leak from the ground. In fact, even if you examine the roof closely, you might not even notice them. Luckily, with a little extra knowledge, you’ll know exactly what to keep an eye out for.

Common Symptoms of a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof can lead to a multitude of building complications, especially if left untended for an extended period of time. However, if you catch the damage early enough, you can avoid expensive repairs and replacements. For commercial roofs, commons signs of leakage include:

  • Bubbles: These raised portions of your roof can be difficult to see from the ground. They are an indication of trapped moisture inside the roof’s cover. Bubbles make roofs more susceptible to wind damage.
  • Damaged roof flashing: The weather resistant materials that are formed in the joints of the roof are called flashing. When this component is damaged, it can let water seep into the facility. Damage can be the result of weather, faulty installation or similar causes.
  • Tears in the roof cover: Like bubbles, these can be difficult to see from the ground. These tears or cracks can occur nearly anywhere on the roof and can be caused by severe weather like hail and high winds. Similar to damaged flashing, tears can allow water leakage in the wrong places.
  • Ponding: Roofs are meant to keep moisture out of your facility, so if you notice large puddles or collections of water, it is a cause for concern. These ponds can expedite roof deterioration and aging. In steel roofs, the ponds encourage rust, while in wooden roofs, they foster rot. Moreover, the water weight can overburden the roof and compromise the roof deck.

Keep in mind, these are not all the tell-tale signs of a faulty roof, although these are very good indicators of whether or not your commercial facility has a leak. When you perform your routine maintenance checks on your roof, keep these signs of a commercial roof leak in mind. If you catch any issues early, you can avoid hefty repair and replacement costs. Remember, as soon as you see cause for concern.

If we can assist with identifying any leak concerns you may have, please contact us at 800-551-5602.

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Commercial Roof Leak

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