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Flat Roof Repair Atlanta GA

Flat Roof Maintenance Guide

Those with flat roofs know there can be several issues if keeping up maintenance isn’t a priority. To avoid possible future flat roof repair or any other issues, ensure your roof is regularly taken care of and receives the necessary attention. Here are some great maintenance tips to keep your roof in its best shape.

Trim Back Trees

Ensuring your flat roof is well maintained is essential to avoid costly repairs. Taking a few extra steps to trim trees near the roof can help you achieve that. Not only will it keep branches away from potentially scratching or puncturing the roof, but it will also help prevent leaves and branches from clogging gutters and downspouts, which could get water trapped on your roof and create a leaking nightmare. Furthermore, moss growth on roofs can be caused by an overflowing branch nearby, so cutting them back can save both time and money in callouts for moss removal treatments.

Get a Good Drainage System And Check Regularly

If you notice a pool of water gathering on your roof, this is a telltale sign that your drainage system isn’t quite up to speed. You may need to take steps such as unblocking drains. All too often, flat roofs are poorly equipped when it comes to drainage – they simply don’t measure up to traditional sloped roofs. Yet fear not: with the right installation, such as EPDM or PVC, your commercial building will be shielded against leaks and other common problems associated with insufficient drainage.

While flat roofs have some slope, they are designed to encourage even the most resistant rainfall off the surface. If larger amounts of water stay up top, it could signal the need for a check-up on your roof’s drainage system. Frequently these issues can be spotted and repaired easily, saving you time, money and future headaches. If your roof has become more of a bathtub than a slanted roof, it’s time to call in an expert.

Keep Roof Clean of Debris

Flat roofing systems are designed for water runoff but don’t naturally shed dirt, leaves and debris as easily as slanted roofs. Without proper maintenance, that debris can remain and form a water dam which can cause roof damage. When facing this issue, the best bet is to battle it head-on and ensure that any dirt and debris is safely removed so that water can flow freely off the roof. To do this, call in a professional who has the experience to get this job done correctly and efficiently. Make sure to pay attention to regular maintenance; keep up with it before damage builds up on your flat roof!

After any kind of wild weather, from bad storms to snowfall, it’s important to check your roof for damage. High winds can put extreme pressure on the roofing felting, and cause tears that you should patch up quickly. After heavy rain, inspect for water ponding that could lead to leaking and water pools in critical areas. Clearing snow off of your roof is equally as important – the ice and snow buildup can weigh down the structure more than it was designed to bear.

Check for Blistering

Flat Roof House Atlanta GA

Moisture trapped between the roof and protective membrane can be a significant concern, causing blistering, cracking, and even water infiltration if left unaddressed. Fortunately, spotting this problem is usually a straightforward process for an experienced contractor – one look at your flat roof should tell them if there’s a moisture issue that requires attention. While the blisters may not be severe, it’s best to contact a professional as soon as possible to give you peace of mind that the situation won’t get worse. Protecting your building from any detrimental moisture exposure is key to keeping it safe throughout its lifespan.

Call A Flat Roof Repair Company for Leaks Right Away

A flat roof needs to be well cared for, so if you suspect that it has a crack or is leaking somewhere, the smartest move you can make is to call in a professional. Waiting until the problem worsens could lead to extensive repairs that might have been avoided had they been taken care of earlier. Remember, roof leaks tend to happen around flashing and in seams – a trained professional can identify where exactly the leak is coming from and repair it promptly. Taking quick action can save you time and money in the long run!

How Often Should I Get My Flat Roof Checked by a Professional?

Have you ever had to worry about a flat roof? If so, you know how important it is to regularly inspect your roof. But how often should it be done? Generally, a roof needs to be inspected at least twice per year – however, certain circumstances, such as the age of the material and climate, may necessitate more frequent inspections. During an inspection, a professional will thoroughly assess the roof’s state and identify any potential problems like punctures, cracks, or loose flashing. Most importantly, they’ll check the integrity of those materials and confirm that your flat roof is safe. They’ll then inform you of their findings and advise on appropriate repairs.

North American Roofing Does Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance Checkups

Flat Roof Atlanta GA

At North American Roofing, we understand that taking care of your commercial property is a big priority for business owners. To protect your investment, our expert team has got you covered – literally! From replacement and emergency repairs to maintenance services and regular inspections that can help you save $.11/ft over the lifetime of your roof, we can provide expert roofer help at every step of your roofing needs. For more than 43 years now, our roofers have been showing up on time and providing superior service throughout the Atlanta Bay area.

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  • Flat Roof Replacement
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  • Roof Inspections

Show your property some much-deserved love with quality workmanship and exceptional customer service by giving North American Roofing a call today!

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Flat Roof Maintenance Guide

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